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Exclusive Interview with Eugenie Bondurant Star of The Disney+ Special ‘Werewolf By Night’

Photo credit: Susan Jeffers


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Eugenie Bondurant’s long and slightly strange career has taken her from the runways of New York and Paris to featured roles in film and television. It’s a career that prompted her New Orleans’ grandmother to ask: “Can’t you play a normal person?”

Tall and angular, with knife-blade cheekbones, Bondurant, a fifth–generation resident of NOLA, was “discovered” after a bout with cancer left her looking especially exotic and androgynous. She was soon a working model in the U.S. and Europe. A modeling trip to Los Angeles led to an acting career that’s included a string of bizarre characters in TV and film – including Fight Club (with Ed Norton), and Saturday Night Live (with Madonna and Mike Myers). She tossed around comedian Gene Wilder while playing Alice Cooper’s favorite Dominatrix on the TV series Something Wilder. And on HBO’s Arliss, she played a transvestite who lured a strait-laced athlete into a night of sin. In the indie feature, Donald and Dot Clock, her character bonded with a house-full of rodents.

Last year, Eugenie shared screen time with actor/director Pollyanna McIntosh in the horror hit Darlin which debuted at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival.  Hershort film Tiny Bacteria was shown at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival; her numerous other film and TV credits may be viewed on her IMDB page.  Recent awards include 2018 Arts Alliance Ambassador MUSE Award and Women in Film Award of Excellence.

Bondurant is a cabaret singer, appearing in the American Songbook Series with Paul Wilborn and Blue Roses. She is also a founder of The Radio Theater Project and a well-known On-Camera and Meisner acting coach, who is a staff member at the prestigious Patel Conservatory and Andi Matheny Acting Studios in Tampa, Fl. Along with acting, she has a BA in Finance.

She can be seen in the just released AMC television series “Interview with the Vampire” as “Miss Carol.” Eugenie can also recently be seen in the films “Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” and “Fear of Rain.” Fans also recognize her for breakout role as the feminine and feline cult icon “Tigris” in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.” Eugenie Bondurant’s odd allure has brought her once again into the limelight as she stars in Disney+’s Horror-style Halloween special, “Werewolf by Night,” which was inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name.

Photo credit: Susan Jeffers

Eugenie welcome to OLC! Pleasure to have you here. You’re an incredible talent, with an incredible resume, from acting to producing to directing, what drew you to the world of film initially?

I was in Paris modeling and was drawn to Los Angeles via a boyfriend (crazy love).  When we broke up, my pal nudged my resistant self into taking his acting classes.  I’ve never looked back. 

You’ve been in so many great projects, what’s been the most memorable film or tv show you’ve starred in and what made it mean so much to you?

This last project, Werewolf By Night was pretty darn special.  The director, Michael Giacchino, set the tone in the very beginning.  My mind however, goes back to my very first principal project, the mini-series, Lady Boss, where I played a high-heeled leather-wearing bodyguard to a man double my size.  Production surprised me with my first named chair-back and it’s when I got my first review “Ninja Twiggy.”

You now star in the Disney+ Halloween special ‘Werewolf’s By Night’, can you tell us all a bit about it and who you play? 

I play Azarel, one of a secret cabal of monster hunters who have been invited to the Bloodstone Mansion after the death of their leader.  What ensues is a fierce competition for a powerful relic which ultimately brings them face to face with a deadly monster.

How did you get involved in the project?  

I was asked to audition for it.  The director, producer, and writer were familiar with my work from Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.  

This was inspired by the Marvel comics, were you a fan of the Marvel Universe prior to becoming involved with the project? 

Of course!

You’ve been involved in a lot of projects involving evil characters or horror themes, what draws you to these characters and this genre?  

Coming in at a skinny 6’1” with an angular face, sometimes those projects find you. If there is an angle to create a backstory to these characters, they become interesting to play.

Do you have any upcoming film or tv projects you can tell us about?  

Yes, Andrew Kiaroscuro’s 115 Grains is about to be released.  I play a mental health therapist who helps a policeman going through PTSD. Ari Sher’s Popular Theory is set to be released in 2023 which is about a young girl genius named Erwin and her adventures when she invents a chemical that changes the high school hierarchy.

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Written by Neill Frazer

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