INsiders Guide: Eric Sleeper, SOMOH, GEORGE HENNESSEY, Ché Aimee Dorval, FE SALOMON, Hanne Mjøen, Capo Corleone and Kuba Więcek, Guvna B, SYLVETTE, COMANAVAGO, TOM JENKINS, Virgin Miri…

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper carries a unique, dreamy, and tangible vibe that sets him apart from his peers. Taking pride in bending multiple genres, he encapsulates indie, acoustic rock, and folk all to create his own distinctive sound. Directing focus toward his lyrical mind frame, Eric writes his songs to be captivating, riveting, and relatable. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Nirvana, Tom Waits, and Bon Iver, he values their minimalistic approach to songwriting. “I am homegrown, literally recording everything on my own in my no-frills bedroom studio,” Eric explains.

Strumming the strings to his first guitar at age 14, Eric Sleeper has been making music ever since. After guitar, he immediately began writing his own songs and later picked up the MIDI keyboard. He quickly took to expressing his thoughts and feelings through lyricism, writing about his personal struggles, ambition, and tales of the underdog.

With his unique writing style, and a dreamlike ambiance that adds an element of nostalgia, alongside his edgy and rebellious attitude, Eric Sleeper is setting off on a musical journey of his own. With two successful singles, “Emily” and “Junkie,” already under his belt and a third on the way, Eric is the breath of fresh air the singer-songwriter scene needs.

London’s SOMOH impresses once more on her sophomore single ‘I Know You Care’ further cementing herself as an artist worth keeping an eye on throughout 2023 with her brilliant debut EP ‘A Plan To Get Home’ being a stunning piece of work out in the first quarter. 

You can listen to I Know You Care now:

Playlisting – here

Speaking about today’s mellow, cathartic new single, SOMOH said “This song is about how people’s intentions don’t always reflect well in how they act towards you. I tend to just walk away from situations that hurt me, without holding the person accountable because I’m not the best at confrontation. At least I can get my anger out in writing songs!”

Last month SOMOH released her debut single ‘Anything’ which amassed lots of tastemaker support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Clash & The Line Of Best to name but a  few.  Along with today’s new song, Anything will also make its way onto the tracklist of her debut EP ‘A Plan To Get Home.’ The song’s lyrics spoke of the meaning behind loving somebody deeply. She said “This song is about coming to terms with your love for someone & knowing that you’d do just about anything for them. It’s a scary but beautiful feeling to fall that deeply for a person.” The song was produced and mixed by Joel Johnston & Mack Jamieson, who has also produced and mixed the entire EP that will be released on Tiny Library Records.

Breaking London artist – George Hennessey – is back with the brand new single: “Prisoner”. 


His final release of 2022, the anthemic new cut arrives as a foretaste of his highly anticipated debut solo album: ‘If You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For Please Ask’, which will be released on 3rd February 2023.  

With a glimmering guitar lick that Paul Weller or Noel Gallagher would have been proud to put their names to at the peak of their powers, the new single “Prisoner” is a psychedelic-tipped, Brit-Pop embodying joie de vivre. Finding nuance in nostalgia, the song is ultimately about escaping the constrictions of life through the music you love.

As George explains:“”Prisoner” is about when luck isn’t on your side, and you feel like you’re being held emotionally captive… your guitar and melody can be your only ways out.”

From its day-tripping lyrical wonderings, to its reality-crashing drum rolls, and its electrifying guitar solos, “Prisoner” is a record of fearless rock’n’roll escapism from an artist primed and ready to break into the big time.George Hennessey is a rock’n’roll singer-songwriter, born and raised in London. Turning heads with songs that often boldly marry the earth-splitting sounds of Grunge with the melodic merits of Brit-Pop, the emerging artist has been swiftly ascending through the musical ranks of late.

Following a busy year of major live appearances across Europe, Hennessey has been impressing significant crowds at festivals such as Y Not? (UK), Isle of Wight Festival (UK), Victorious (UK) and Rolling Stone Beach (DE); not to mention prominent club shows in Berlin, Hamburg and London. 

Unfurling a succession of singles throughout 2022, including “All Or Nothing”, “Go With The Flow”, “Lost Society” and now “Prisoner”, each has amplified the buzz around Hennessey, with the latter even featuring on Apple Music’s “New In Rock” playlist for several weeks in UK, Ireland, Austria and Germany, plus receiving support from Germany’s major radio stations NDR 2 and RBB Radioeins. 

Vancouver musician Ché Aimee Dorval shares ‘Loveless, the third single to be taken from her forthcoming album The Crowned, which is set for release on January 19th, 2023.

Loveless is about giving your love over quickly and readily,” says Ché. “Loving without the expectation of having it returned. I think it’s honourable to give over love easily to anyone, even with the dangers that can come from that. Maybe it’s not even a choice. Maybe you either acknowledge your love or you don’t, but it’s there either way. This song explores the feeling of being compelled to love a person who has nothing to give in return.”

Previous single Falling Under, which CLASH Magazine says, “pivots between classic soul impulses and fresh energy,“ is, according to Ché, “about the pain and heartbreak of watching someone you love lose themselves to addiction. No matter how much love, support and energy you put into trying to help them out of it,” she says. “It’s about coming to terms with the fact that your efforts are only enabling their descent, and in turn, they’re dragging you down with them.” 

 Ché launched her campaign in August with Blood Red Son, a “fever dream of indecision, regret and resolve.”

A cinematic insight into her fast-approaching debut solo album – FE SALOMON – bows out of 2022 with the stately new single: “Interstate 10”. 


Worlds away from the twisted Middle England countryside Fe Salomon tapped into on earlier release “Quintessential England”, “Interstate 10” transports listeners to the endless metropolis of the United States.

Synced to majestic and widescreen arrangements cut straight from a Hollywood flick, “Interstate 10” finds Fe ruminating on her earliest experiences of touring America at the tender age of 19. A backing singer at the time, with no money and only a futile fake ID to make-do with, she remembers: 

“”Interstate 10” connects far-flung events that occurred during my travels around the US, including having to escape from a violent manager who gambled all the money away in Vegas. The song was written with my old friend, producer Ru Cook, and it was originally envisioned as a country song.” 

With a filmic narrative that deftly conjures the ceaseless stretches of the country’s great highways to the perils of pursuing the American dream, Fe’s dreamily despondent vocals add drama and intrigue, to a cinematic score that builds towards a grandiose, atmospheric climax.

Produced and arranged by Johnny Parry, “Interstate 10” is the final single to be lifted from Fe’s forthcoming debut solo album ‘Living Rooms’. Confirmed for release on 27 January 2023 via Drink Me Recordings, the album will present 11 tracks of intricately autobiographical, richly orchestral pop definitive of an artist in both prolific and purposeful form. The full-length LP also directly follows Fe’s ‘Taxicabs’ EP, four tracks released earlier in the Summer which offered a candid chronicling of a previous chapter in Fe’s life. You can listen back here

Hanne Mjøen is not your average pop queen. The Norwegian alt/pop artist creates music that makes you want to dance, with lyrics that make you want to cry. Her intoxicating sound is coated in a dark, raw edge, providing a comforting reminder that it’s ok to be flawed, while her lyrics pull the trigger for an outlet of pent-up emotions.  

Mjøen is just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. The child of a hairdresser and a salesman, she came of age in Oppdal, a small mountain village. She had never dreamt of becoming a pop star. All she wanted to do was to sing and write songs, and hopefully have them make an emotional connection with someone out there. Pop music as a genre – with its booming choruses, spine-tingling chord progressions and lyrics about love, longing and betrayal – not its popularity, was what had appealed to her.

In her highly-anticipated new chapter, Mjøen describes the stages and struggles you go through being in a relationship. Feeling happy with the love, but unhappy with putting yourself in second place. She fell in love, but fell apart as well. This is her journey to find the strength to say it as it is, after keeping the truth from herself for so long, and she is taking you with her on this journey. Returning with her highly anticipated EP Fall In Love / Apart, she brings euphony-flowing fables to life with the flourishing energy she continues to possess so brightly. 

Exploring tribulations of love and loss, tunes “Distance” and “I Never Told You” unite with pounding basslines and soaring synthesizers that would find a home on any dancefloor.  Mjøen confides, ”I have a bad habit of distancing myself to people as soon as I feel like I’m not being seen. Talking about how I feel isn’t something I do naturally, and I start acting out and changing desperately to get a confrontation, and then forcing myself to speak about it to defend my actions. It’s a very bad way of handling things, but in my head it feels more natural to cut the tires than to fix them. “Distant” is describing the desperation you feel when people can’t see the way you’re trying to tell them that something is wrong.”

Followed by “Bad For My Health” and “Hard to Love”, she brings her narratives to life with the intricacy listeners continue to adore. She continues, ”Hard To Love tells the tale of being a complex person. Everyone has bad sides and struggles and through the lyrics I wanted to put mine on the table, letting the one you love know that if you want a love of eternal sunshine, I’ll give you the opposite. I’ll make it hard for you to love me cause unfortunately I’m not a perfect person either.” Featuring artist Ryland James, he adds, “Working on “Hard To Love was a really beautiful experience. This type of collaboration isn’t something I’ve ever been part of as an artist and to be able to help bring Hanne’s vision to life by lending my voice to it is quite special. I’ve been through this feeling many times in my relationships with people close to me, and I think it’s something the vast majority of the population also feels at some point or another during the course of their lives. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not the only one in the world who can feel unloveable or difficult to handle from time to time. It’s a very normal part of the human experience.”

Mjøen’s unapologetic authenticity and humbling resonance come to life in Fall In Love / Apart with enthralling musicality. Her next musical project shows the admirable strength that can result from vulnerability. 

To date, her music has garnered over 23 million streams, receiving airplay in over 25 countries worldwide, including Annie Mac and BBC Radio 1. In 2021 she was the 7th most played artist on Norwegian radio and has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone, The Line Of Best Fit, Paper Mag, Wonderland Mag, 1883 Mag and many more. 2023 is set to be an explosive year for Hanne Mjøen, with a bonus EP track set to drop in the new year too!

Capo Corleone is an international recording artist and music executive based out of Los Angeles. As the CEO of the highly successful C2 Management and founder and former CEO of Tree4ort Records, his musical endeavors shine bright. The alternative hip-hop artist has solidly embossed himself in global success, honing his international collaboration and artist development like no other.

Now, he is soaring back into the scene with his new single “Fly”, in collaboration with notable Polish jazz musician and global producer Kuba Więcek and Warsaw’s pop sensation Zalia. Written in Los Angeles, CA, where Corleone’s evolution began, his next single was inspired by a huge period of growth. Corleone confides, “I was constantly surrounded by uninspiring and self-interested people dreaming about a life I knew I could attain. Upon eliminating these people from my life, I began only surrounding myself with people who built me up and added to my life and who truly wanted to see me succeed. “Fly” is the story of my evolution and the story of me following my gut and intuition. It’s a story of me simply killing the old version and creating a new one.”

The latest single from Corleone and Więcek is “Thank Myself,” which was the first song written together at the height of the pandemic. Setting a precedent and central theme of self-gratitude for one’s own accomplishment throughout the remainder of the album’s tracklist, “Thank Myself” essentially sets the stage for a project about self will, determination and love for yourself.

“Thank Myself” is about understanding that only you can make yourself successful. It’s about believing in one’s abilities and strengths to thrive beyond your wildest dreams, without anyone but yourself to thank. Corleone shares, “For this song in particular, it was a moment of self reflection. I was sitting in my mothers garden thinking about my childhood and how far I had come in my life.” The feel-good track shines with positive, uplifting lyrics certain to brighten up your day and a strong, groove-laden beat that will get your body moving. 

Sky-rocketing to a charted position in the Apple iTunes Hip Hop Charts ahead of artists like Drake, Kanye and Eminem, Capo Corleone continues to garner huge success. He also wrote the walk-out song for European boxing champion Nina Meinke, bringing Corleone’s choruses to television screens around the globe. Alongside Więcek, whose collaborations have seen huge success with Warner Music Poland, and most recently, the title of winner of the Fryderyk Awards – New Face of Fonography for Jazz, they collaborate with Zalia’s unparalleled pop successes to shape the sound of the future.

Music provides us with a soundtrack to life. It is there for us that all the significant moments can be interpreted differently by everyone that listens to it. It is the one thing we rely on during moments of heartbreak, fun, sorrow, happiness, and generally guides us through our days. We become emotionally connected to it as it sets off a series of reactions in our body and mind, making it ours to keep and cherish. For the creators, music is often born from the very emotions that it conveys and is often the therapy we all need to bring us out of a tough time, for both listener and creator alike. Having run the mill of a challenging few years and with so many bleak outlooks ahead, we are all looking for a break from the pressures of life and the never-ending onslaught of negativity. Delivering a light at the end of the tunnel, a collective of renowned British artists have come together as the ‘We Got Love Project’ to release the ‘We Got Love EP’.


Spearheaded by MOBO Award winning artist Guvna B, who is responsible for the creative direction of the EP, the ‘We Got Love Project’ features an incredible cast of sensational British talent including Dia Day, Sharyn, Still Shadey, CalledOut Music (MOBO Award winner), Annatoria (The Voice UK winner), Becca Folkes, Tertia May, CondoSeven, 678Nath, Bianca Rose, Joshua Luke Smith, Limoblaze, Asha Elia, Tidez, Collistar, Wole Agbaje, Imprint Worship, not to mention Guvna B himself. Featuring 7 exclusively written and produced tracks that have been created specifically as part of the project, the ‘We Got Love EP’ was born from a need to remind ourselves, and each other that we have hope, unity and strength, plus provide a well-needed pause amidst the chaos.  

Manchester’s SYLVETTE release their spine-tingling third album ‘Single Thread’, along with a breathtaking live session for the featured highlight “Borrowed Time”.


Staking their place as one of the most prolific and intriguing bands on the Manchester underground scene, new album ‘Single Thread’ unearths a completely new side to the group. Born out of Charlie’s personal struggles whilst caring for his disabled and terminally ill father, and the subsequent loss he experienced during lockdown, Sylvette have shed their fantastical and dramatic sound to make way for a deeply personal and intimately honest kind of songwriting.

Accompanying the release of the new LP today, the five-piece have prepared a remarkable live performance video of the album highlight: “Borrowed Time”. Tender, introspective and delivered amidst a pin-drop atmosphere, the live video sees Sylvette presenting the song with a haunting, soul-baring rendition. Watch the video here

With striking CGI sci-fi artwork by Luke Nugent and David OldenburgHeart Failure Deluxe offsets energetic dance anthems like “Annihilation” and “Playboy” with slinky pop numbers in “Rains”, “Angel” and “All I Want” for an impressively cohesive body of work – or “a monumental slay” to use the duo’s own words. Shining further across queer rave entries like “Body Talk 2.0” and “Giving Me Love”, the dance-pop of “On and On” is helmed with Spotify Pride cover artist Tsatsamis for a genre-bending experience.

After a viral cover of Sylvester’s ‘70s disco classic “You Make Me Feel” with Solardo (2M+ streams), lead single “Leave Him” offers an irresistible concoction of retro guitar licks, dramatic synth moments and sassy vocal growls, whereas final single “Crush” (390K+ views) explores the rush of new intimacy across punching drums and jagged synths.

Turning heads with gender-fluid, high-fashion femme looks, COMANAVAGO – consisting of Ben Dunkerley (they/them) and Gabriel Swarbrick (he/she/they) – have begun generating considerable buzz amongst those ‘in the know’ across London’s underground community, with the duo flying the flag for those who choose to unapologetically live honestly – with press support for the duo coming in hot from the likes of Attitude Magazine, Rolling Stone, ENFNTS TERRIBLES, Official Charts, CULTR, The Q Review and Yass Magazine, as well as Jack Saunders on his BBC Radio 1 Future Sounds show.

Initially meeting while studying for their degrees in Creative Music Technology, Ben and Gabe bonded over a shared love of influential electronic band Nero and old dubstep. With revolutionary pop icons like Lady Gaga, Prince, Charli XCX and SOPHIE serving as their main influences, COMANAVAGO channel these core inspirations into newfound, dynamic methods – for their own signature brand of avant-garde, catchy pop gems. 

Singer-songwriter TOM JENKINS today releases his new album ‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’, alongside its spectacular title-track. 


Hitting the shelves today (25 November), ‘‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’ is the singer-songwriter’s follow-up to 2019 solo debut ‘Misery In Comfort’. 

An expansive and exploratory new studio effort, it also features contributions from notable special guests including Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Marc Ford (The Black Crowes), Elijah Ford (Gary Clark Jr) and Paul Mullen (YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO, The Automatic).  

Opening-up about the new record and how it came to be, Tom Jenkins says:

“”It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky”, was an album that I never intended to write, it just happened. It was something to do during a dark period in all our lives. I guess the album represents the feeling of dread and not being able to shake it, but also love and the appreciation of life and everything that comes with it. I like how the album jumps through the influences: it brings you up and drags you down. It was also amazing to have all my friends play on it and have a bunch of legendary musicians join in too.” 

Recorded in the depths of lockdown, Tom started tracking the album in a disused barn on an old laptop with just one microphone and a 2010 version of GarageBand. Realising he was completely out of his depth, he turned to lifelong friend and producer Todd Campbell and the pair began to turn the collection of songs into a full-length album at his studio in South Wales. Drafting in the aforementioned special guests, many of whom were old bandmates and friends he’d met on the road over the years, the record soon fell into place. 

Shifting up and down through the gears, from songs with full-band production to stripped-back live takes recorded with one mic in the barn, the album’s mood lifts and lowers as it cruises through twelve enchanting tracks. Featuring earlier BBC Radio Wales A-playlisted singles including feel-good indie-rock anthem “Under The Sun”, Britpop-country fusion “Be There For You” and rustic, rural-inspired “Back Roads”; the record also delves deeper into the leftfield, such as on the blistering psych-rock cut “Magic Mushroom Island” or the beautiful acoustic ballad “If I Can’t Love You”.

Fast rising pop starlet Virgin Miri releases first single ‘Basic Ordinary’ from her hotly anticipated debut album.

Distorted synthesizers lay the foundation for Virgin Miri’s saccharin vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics as she sings “Candy crush, sugar high, you’re so hot, I could die.” Co-produced by renowned producer T-Minus (J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake,Young Thug and Travis Scott.) “Basic Ordinary” is the perfect blend of infectious pop melodies and futuristic beats. Accompanying the track is the high-art meets renaissance women music video, which sees Virgin Miri playing with the idea of negative self-image through fun, cinematic visuals.

Talking on the track Virgin Miri tells us: “You know when you meet someone cool and handsome and you feel like an ugly, boring and basic person in comparison? You become shy, quiet and overthink everything you say. That feeling inspired the track. I had a lot of fun producing this song, which I hope you can hear. The fact that one of the world’s dopest

producers; T-Minus liked it so much he wanted to co-produce it with me? My first single from my debut album?! Sick!”

Rising UK singer songwriter The Gleeman gets ready for the festive season with wistful new single ‘I Love Christmastime’, releasing it one month before the big day.

Having hit the scene with his debut EP ‘The Gunslinger’ earlier this year, The Gleeman is set to round off his 2022 with ‘I Love Christmastime’, a song sure to stir up memories of childhood glee every 25th December. In the spirit of singers such as Don McLeanRobin Gibb and Billy Joel, The Gleeman’s voice takes you back to an era gone by, and with mentions of reindeer, Santa and the North Pole all name-checked to ring in the season, the festive excitement is almost palpable.

There is nothing as heart-warming as witnessing the wonder on a child’s face at Christmas – we all connect with that feeling. Leaving out mince pies & carrots, struggling to sleep through excitement, listening for the faintest sound of sleigh bells. “I Love Christmastime” takes us all back to that childhood innocence and reminds us of the joys of Christmas, no matter our age.’ – The Gleeman 

The Gleeman grew up in the small West Cornish town of Helston, a short drive west of Falmouth, where his early passion for music saw him move through the ranks from recorder to guitar to the school choir, and cornet in the local brass band. He was influenced by his love of piano men such as Billy Joel and Elton John, but was more a child of ‘80s pop, from Adam & the Ants to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and via Queen on to the ‘90s bastions of Britpop.

The Gleeman is set to release his debut album ‘Something to Say’ in 2023. The album follows on from debut EP ‘The Gunslinger’, released in 2022, and a string of singles such as ‘Armistice Day’ and ‘Hanging Around (The Ballad of Aaron & Amy Pt 3)’. Produced by Will Hicks (who has worked with likes of Ed SheeranOne Direction and James Blunt), the album touches on themes of mental health, life milestones and loss balanced with uplifting and quirky storytelling. There will be a run of live performances from The Gleeman preceding ‘Something to Say’, be sure to keep an eye on this significant new performer.

Memory Forming Clouds is an album about grief, from inside of it. It’s about loss, heartbreak and the fog of change. I wrote it in a tumultuous time, on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, working through separate issues including the end of the relationship that had seen me through my twenties, being temporarily laid off due to the studio that was my main employer being destroyed in a flash flood, and mourning the loss of the woman who had raised me.

I wrote the title track, “Memory Forming Clouds” in pieces throughout the early days of the end of a long-term relationship. I was sleeping on a futon during a heat wave, having daily panic attacks, and I felt like the world was collapsing around me. I wrote the verses gradually over a month-long period, as a way of making sense of the experience.

The album was written about my profound feeling of loss. I felt like I needed to process the grief and loss I was experiencing; the feelings were so strong that I wanted to make something of them. Through the process of making the record, I also went through giant life changes and shifts, did a few years of therapy and found myself on the other side of this experience.

Watch the official music video, which was filmed in Nova Scotia.

I’m so ready to share the album with you.

I hope you enjoy listening,

Mike Legere

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My name is Eleanor, I am a singer/songwriter, and I truly do not recall when I became either of those things. I would describe my sound as R&B, with accents of soul and alternative/indie influence. I often take a narrative approach to songwriting, leaning on experiences of grief and overcoming to shape stories that are robust and deeply felt. I come from a music family, so singing has been a regular part of my household’s culture, but personally, I make music because it would be harder not to, it’s a very natural extension of my personhood. 

I have been performing for over two decades and recording music professionally for five years. I spent my formative early adulthood years performing at community events across Toronto before becoming a professional session singer and writer. Recently, I have contributed backup vocals to the published music of artists such as Chad Price, Texas King, and Emanuel, whose album Alt Therapy was nominated for two Juno Awards. 

The first single from my debut EP,  A Late Bloom, will be dropping in November of 2022. It is essentially a lamentation on the perils of missed deadlines. I will be showcasing my unreleased music at The Drake Hotel in Toronto on November 17th.

Remember Monday are the country, pop, and folk trio who originally found fame in the quarter-finals of The Voice (2019), controversially choosing to perform their own original song Jailbreaker over a cover song.  As strong and authentic artists, Remember Monday wanted to blaze their own path – and the British public took to social media to applaud the band’s brave choice. Remember Monday won Best Group at the British Country Music Awards the same year and their debut single ‘Drive’ achieved No.1 in the iTunes Country Music Chart.

In 2022, the nation’s love for Remember Monday is still strong; the band has 330k TikTok followers with over 20 million views across the channel. Their cover of Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ went viral, with Brian May sharing it on his own Instagram.  

New single ‘Nothing Nice To Say’ is taken from Remember Monday’s forthcoming EP release, ‘Hysterical Women’. The songs result from five years of work – all written at different times but sharing a common theme of both frustration and female empowerment:

“As women, we frequently feel like we can’t say enough without saying “too much”. Collectively, we have learned so many lessons living as women in this world. Jennifer Hudson, our former coach on The Voice, empathises with the message of ‘Nothing Nice to Say’ and helped us fund our music video for the song – her support has been amazing. When Jennifer Hudson takes a vested interest in the projects you’re working on, you know it will be an exciting release!”.

Remember Monday is made up of Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull and Charlotte Steele. The trio met at school and have been performing together ever since.  Although each is individually talented, it’s when Remember Monday get together that the magic really happens – creating unforgettable, inspired songs and stunning vocal harmonies.

velours is an alt. pop singer/songwriter full of emotion, carried by a velvet voice. Her desire to explore feeling through music, while not taking things too seriously, resonates with her audience. Reminiscent of the name “velours” (french for “velvet”), her music is a mixture of unique appeal––writing about the human condition––and a beautifully soft feel––the lyricism colliding with beautifully authentic melodies. She released her first EP Identity September 2020, produced by Juno-award winning producer Ryan Stewart. She released her single “Summer Haze” August 2020, with the music video produced by renowned Versa Films. velours’s newest single, “Whatever That Means” was announced the day before its release on July 23rd. The stellar single, along with its moving music video, have already received high praise from fans and industry members alike. Her newest releases include a cover of “Running Up That Hill” and an original neo-90s nostalgia hit, “Miss You the Most.” She is looking forward to her future releases this fall and winter, having honed in on her sound and creative expression during her career thus far.

In her first year and a half as a professional musician, she’s received acclaim from press and industry alike, including being nominated for two Saskatchewan Music Awards: Rock/Pop Artist of the Year and Best Music Video for “Summer Haze” in 2021 and nominated for Rock/Pop Artist of the Year and Best Music Video for “Whatever That Means” in 2022. velours was most recently nominated for Pop Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards 2022. velours has also enjoyed collaborating with ODR, a collaborative musical project where a group of musicians came together and wrote and recorded four songs in a single day. velours will be heading out to Toronto to participate as one of only four songwriters in a Songwriters Association of Canada “SongBird North” event on October 8th, playing her well-known songs and newest single “Miss You the Most” at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music.

On the 25th November Hull born four-piece, LUMER return with their brand-new single, ‘English Dream.’ 

Written as a social commentary from the perspective of lead singer Alex Evans, ‘English Dream’ uses sleazy and harsh guitar sounds from guitarist Ben Jackson blended with the pumping bassline of Ben Morrod as a call to arms. The hard hitting, almost tribal drumming of William Evans flows throughout the song, only pausing for a second to entwine the aggressive vocals and to crescendo into a confrontational and bitter ode to their country.

On the track, Evans states: “English Dream tries to epitomise my cynical view of my country. Why are you supposed to put so much in for very little in return? There is this constant battle, it seems, to find any form of joy in the political and social climate that we are currently surrounded by. I feel that we have to crawl on our knees for our leaders whilst very little is being done in protest from our people”.

The single was recorded with Alex Greaves at The Nave, with the mixing process being carried out by Alex Evans, with attentive guidance from brother William Evans.

2019 saw LUMER release the single, ‘White Tsar’; record a live session at the legendary Maida Vale Studios; appear at Goldsounds Festival (Leeds, UK) with Fat White Family, twice at Left of the Dial Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands), as well as supporting Crows on tour around the UK. 

The February after, the band embarked on a week-long headline French tour in support of “blinding” new single, ‘Another Day at the Zoo’ – the second from their latest EP, ‘The Disappearing Act’, recorded & mixed by Alex Greaves. Vocalist, Alex Evans worked with Designer Hedi Slimane as part of his Portrait of a Performer series, featuring on the front cover of HERO Magazine

In January 2021, the band released their debut EP to much critical acclaim. Then after a forceable hiatus due to the lockdown, the band returned to Europe playing a tour across France, as well as appearances at Croc The Rock Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland) with Egyptian Blue and another appearance at Left of the Dial Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands) with Unschooling and BDRMM.

In November, they supported US band Thee Oh Sees (Leeds, UK) as the group released their single ‘Hatred is a Passion of Theirs’ in March 2022. The single got a host of radio play from BBC Radio One and Radio 6 as well as a tasteful music video supported by Fred Perry. The release was accompanied by a UK tour and ongoing to a summer tour spanning festivals abroad including; Levitation Festival in France with Kim Gordon and Brian Jonestown MassacreValkhof Festival in the Netherlands alongside Just Mustard and Crack Cloud, finally, Binic Festival in France with Warmduscher among many more EU festivals.

DUB ZOO is a unique, genre-bending musical collective, formed and performed by a group of musicians who all share a passion for improvisation. Based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, DUB ZOO formed as an experimental collaboration, exploring the idea that live improvisation can be an immersive and transformative experience for both the player and the listener. 

Since 2016, DUB ZOO have continued to manifest their core beliefs into a musical project that both inspires and energizes. Featuring a collective of vocalists including Lizzie O’Keefe (Dangerous Song), Ben Goldstein (Hot Potato Band) and Graham Moes (Fat Picnic) as well as the multi-instrumental mayhem of Lee Hardisty on keys, sax, flute and kalimba and the heavy weight rhythm section of Paddy Kiernan (guitar), Brad Wenham (bass) and Leon Tussie (drums), they pack out dancefloors and festival stages with high energy and dynamic alike. 

In a realm of progressive dub and deep psychedelic grooves, DUB ZOO are back with their upcoming album Strange Times – a ten-track offering that sublimely encaptures the energy of their live shows. When Covid lockdowns hit in 2020, they decided to spend their newfound free time in the studio and started recording at DUB ZOO HQ. As lockdowns continued, so did the recording and before they knew it, they had a huge swag of new material. Strange Times was recorded and produced by band members Brad Wenham and Paddy Kiernan, and was later mixed by good friend and producer Paulie B (Ziggy Alberts, Kingfisha). In a truly collaborative process, the album was finally mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion and Fox Studio in Washington in the US. 

As their chronicles delve into personal experiences, listeners can expect an overload of authenticity in Strange Times. With the heavy dub and reggae influences, they encourage listeners to live in the moment, embracing free-thinking and utilising their newfound circumstances to fuel a truly addictive new album. They explain, “As far as what we were watching, it kinda felt like we were watching the world fall apart, albeit from our relatively civilized piece of paradise. But even in Australia we were not immune to the weirdness of these last few years.” Songs such as “Confusion”, “World on Fire” and “Strange Times” lean into the darker experiences – yet there is a balance. Tunes like “Into The Sun” and “Feel Me” bring the grooves and progressive rhythmic energy DUB ZOO have been known to possess. Their eclectic fusion of poetry and philosophy come to life in a way that will light up any dancefloor. They have truly encapsulated their visionary vibes into an extraordinary album.

DUB ZOO form a collective of full-time musicians and music teachers. Amongst their eclectic range of musical influences and love for nature, gardening and the natural world, their successes span wide. They confide in the joy of releasing music into the world. What happens after that may be out of their control, yet the interest they continue to spark has been profound. DUB ZOO are continuing to trailblaze into a new era for experimentalism.

Verra Cruz form the British alt-rock infused musical project of trio Marc James (guitar/lap steel/vocals), Henry Cross (bass) & Jimmy Cooke (drums). Known for their hard-hitting anthems and signature lap steel guitar, of which they stumbled upon in a small boutique guitar shop in Memphis, TN, the three-piece band have been creating mighty, raucous tracks, laced with spiritual and personal themes. The band admits, “We’re not afraid to sing out about injustice in the world.”

Following an incredible repertoire to date, the trio are back with their next single “The World Is Crashing In”, a gripping ode to love, loss and simply raw emotion. Marc explains, “The World Is Crashing In” was written during the painful season of Henry’s divorce. It was tough going for all of us to watch 2 people we loved dearly, separate. For me it brought up painful memories from my own childhood. The second verse was written from a time in my own childhood. Our family home had been flooded due to a burst pipe, it wrecked so much stuff including my mum’s wedding dress that she had kept. It seemed like a dark and apt metaphor for the impending carnage of what was to come.” 

Recorded in Germany with producer and engineer Udo Rinklin, their compelling chronicles pair sublimely with sonic abilities to produce a tune that mirrors their subject matter sublimely. They continue, “We re-recorded the drums at The Old Chapel Studios down the road from Jimmy. Bob & Jen at CatBeach hired Bryan Cook to mix and we loved his mix instantly!” 

Taking influence from rock and roll greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Rage Against The Machine, their dark chord voicing and anthemic energy come to life in a way that provokes emotion, energy and purely authentic melancholy. As they inspire listeners to be honest and walk through tough situations together, they confide, “It’s ok to not be ok, you can always start again.” 

Sheffield’s rap riser Drip Rick, previously known as Rickyleupnext, has returned to our screens with the visuals to his latest street heater, ‘You Know What I’m Sayin’. Ending the year on a high, this energetic single is pumped from start to finish with his reputable and unapologetic vim.


Underpinned with a jumping production courtesy of KDMADEIT, Drip Rick wastes no time in spraying the beat with nothing but straight greaze. Peppering the beat with skilful punchlines and a slew of boast-worthy bars, the newcomer proves why he’s a force to be reckoned with. Continuing to showcase his personality from stand-out tracks including ‘Hood Celebrity’ and the March release ‘Say My Name’ where he’s seen sampling a Destiny Child’s favourite – ‘You Know What Im Saying’ solidifies himself as “One to Watch”.


Accompanied alongside a set of lively visuals, Drip Rick takes us on a tour of Sheffield as we watch him perform the track in several locations including the booth and his local spots. Speaking on the release Drip Rick commented, “This is my personal favourite song by myself. I feel like it shows my personality loads and I’m putting my city Sheffield on the map!”

Following the release of her acclaimed new album – ADDIE BRIK – is pleased to present the official video for one of its finest moments: “Retromingent”.


A song of a transfixing gravity that will bring to mind the spellbinding works of Talk Talk, the track is  one the standout moments to be found on Addie’s newest studio album ‘That Dog Don’t Hunt’ (out now, via Itza Records).

Paired with artistic new visuals conceived and directed by Addie; the official video for “Retromingent” has been edited by the esteemable Rick Elgood (The Clash, The Pogues ). A whirlwind of colour and creativity, it blends expert cinematography by celebrated Glasgow photographer Harrison Reid, surreal animations by Marian Obando, metal sculptures by Ross Spencer, and fluid choreography involving a cast of dancers (and local wildlife). 

“This was shot here in Scotland at a local farm near where I live” says Addie of the video. “The animals did just keep running through”.

I’m Tedy, an LGBTQ+ Haitian-Canadian singer-songwriter. I started out as the “Reaction King” on YouTube, amassing a huge following for my videos. As time went on, I realized that there was something else I needed to explore in my life. I wanted to move forward – no matter the cost – and follow my dream of writing songs.

I was so lucky to work with incredible producers—Big Taste (Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa) and Dallas K (Lauv, Tiesto, Fifth Harmony)—on my sophomore EP, Manic Party. Very much borne out of the pandemic, this album is a snapshot of a transitional period, as I grew into the role of creator and artist more fully. This is an outpouring of my personal growth, showcasing how I learned to put myself first and be true to my identity.

How do we grow personally, individually, and shed the things that no longer serve us so we can do the hard, scary things that really matter? “Enemies” is my favourite ballad on the EP, and it explores this theme.

Stream Manic Party through your preferred platform.

Watch the video for “Enemies” on YouTube.

I was thinking about the way that relationships can appear perfect and present as something idealized, when the reality is that we’re all broken and fractured. That pressure keeps people stuck in bad relationships and bad situations because they’re afraid of being alone and looking less than perfect. And that’s really what this song is about: having the courage to choose what’s healthy and focus on your own happiness, despite how vulnerable you can feel.

If you’re not happy: leave. I promise you, you will not regret it. You will look back and wish you’d left earlier. Don’t worry about societal pressures. The only failure you have to be afraid of is being stuck because you lack the courage to take a new step.

Thanks for listening,


I’m velours, an alt. pop singer/songwriter with a desire to explore my feelings through music, while not taking things too seriously. I chose my stage name velours (french for velvet), because I create music with a mixture of unique appeal––writing about the human condition––and a beautifully soft feel––the lyricism colliding with beautifully authentic melodies.

I was inspired by the idea of a sparkling, vibrant love that grows, despite this feeling of the whole world crumbling around you. The concept of “Flowers in a Wasteland” was so fun to come up with because I’m a sucker for contrast. Not only did I want to convey the imagery of a beautiful and fragile flower thriving in a visually miserable wasteland, but I was also inspired to mix that with the killer upbeat pop rock energy.

Listen to the unapologetically fun song, “Flowers in a Wasteland,” on streaming platforms.

I wasn’t too sure what kind of imagery to use and it was’’t until my mom––the person who taught me everything I know about literature––suggested I re-read Lord Byron’s poem “Darkness.” I had so much fun taking from the apocalyptic imagery in the poem and contrasting that with the upbeat sound and feeling of new love.

The forests flame and the skies start crumbling

The river runs red but I can’t help wondering

How on a moonless night, you find your way back to me

I had so much fun writing this one with my producer, the JUNO award-winning Ryan Stewart. I’ve allowed my vocal performance to be completely authentic, focusing less on perfection and performing like I do live: just having a blast with the song!

veloursKeep up with me on TikTok 🌼 Instagram 🌼 Facebook 🌼 Twitter

Canadian indie pop/alternative band New Friends are thrilled to release their new single “Ricochet” that is out now along with the music video that is featured on Ones to WatchRicochet” is off their forthcoming EP to be released in early 2023.
The band says,  “’Ricochet’ was inspired by a past relationship and post-breakup on again/off again feeling. A couple years after a relationship ends it can seem like a great idea to get back together, especially when you’ve had a hard time letting go of this person. Ricochet describes what it feels like to surrender to the control of a past lover. “I know there’ll be hell to pay, but I keep shooting anyway.” It also highlights how moving on from something that inevitably won’t work can be very difficult. The catch tag ‘Ricochet’ draws from the idea that you are constantly bouncing around emotionally trying to understand what this person really wants, and why they have such a hold on you.”

Bay-Area bred, LA-based R&B artist thuy (pronounced “twee”) delivers a heartfelt music video for “obsessed,” the latest single from her EP girls like me don’t cry. The tender visual serves as an ode to thuy’s deepest and most loyal love – her canine companion Olive.

Recently announced to VEVO’s “DSCVR Artist To Watch” for 2023, thuy just hit the road for her sold-out, 10-city West Coast girls like me don’t cry tour

‘“obsessed” is a song expressing the excitement of a new found love. Even though the song is about a romantic relationship, I wanted to showcase the relationship I have with my dog. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with my dog and I wanted to surprise the viewer with a different spin on the song.” – thuy

The enchanting EP has garnered nearly 8M global streams since its release in October. Brimming with timeless story-telling, warm vocals, and fluttering melodies, the project feels like an important new chapter for the young artist as she sees herself transform from hometown hero to global icon. 

Preceded by the release of her beloved short-film music video “playing tricks” and other wildly successful single “trust” (ft. RINI), which have garnered 3.6 million streams collectively. Coming off the tail of her debut project, i hope u see this,the sophomore EP offering introduces a more confident and self-assured thuy; someone who has grown not only as a woman but as an artist and songwriter as well. 

After a year of milestones in 2021 including her debut EPand selling out her first headline show, the independent artist has come back even stronger and more solid than before. This year, thuy was also selected as Spotify’s September ambassador for EQUAL, a program honoring female game changes across the industry and fostering equity for women in music and is a member of YouTube Music Foundry Class of 2022. She also opened up for Diddy and Ari Lennox at this year’s AdWeek in NYC.


Socials: @neillfrazer

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