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Introducing Breakout Artist Of 2022…Ashley Kutcher

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Ashley Kutcher is one of 2022’s most popular breakout artists. Everytime I listen to her songs I get goosebumps, her voice and music is simply captivating. When Ashley Kutcher shared the dreamy single “Sleepy,” via Darkroom/Interscope Records, I was blown away. On the romantic acoustic track, the 23-year-old  reveals that true love is her ultimate comfort: “All that I need is your warm embrace,” she  croons, “Never have I felt so safe.” It’s a gentle acoustic ballad that embodies the comfortable feeling of falling in love.

It was her 2020 single though, Love You From A Distance, which was inspired by a song request from a fan on social media, which quickly went viral on TikTok with a recording made from her bathroom. The song has gone on to gather over 32.4 million streams since its release.

“The moment Love You From A Distance was released, my life changed,” Kutcher says. “It was overwhelming to see a song I wrote by myself on my bathroom floor reach so many people.”

It wasn’t that long ago she was on her way to graduating with a degree in Nursing and passively using TikTok as a way to release snippets of music. Now Kutcher is she signed to the powerhouse label Darkroom who discovered the likes of Billie Eilish. Although she always loved music, becoming a professional musician was never the career path Kutcher anticipated she would embark on. Once she recognized how the music she creates positively affects her fans, Kutcher decided to pursue music full force.

“It wasn’t until I saw how many people my music was impacting, that my mindset began to shift,” Kutcher said. “I joined the healthcare field to help people, but at a certain point I realised I was helping so many more people with my music.”

Ashley’s latest EP, “Survive My Own Mind”, opens more areas of her emotional expression, showcasing once again, her ability to offer pop perfection. “Survive My Own Mind” details her struggles with anxiety and panic disorder. She told Wonderland magazine “When it came to a theme for this EP, I felt like all of the songs were really talking about my struggles within my own head,” she said. “All of these songs are my way of venting. I wanted this EP to focus on helping others feel not so alone if they also experience these emotions.”

Ashley Kutcher is by far one of the most gifted singer-songwriters I have ever heard, every song she creates is simply breath taking. Immerse yourself in the world of Ashley Kutcher, and experience a remarkable artist. Be sure to catch Ashley on tour at the below dates:

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Written by Neill Frazer

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