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Exclusive Interview: Australian Pop Sensation Lupa J

With a debut album on the way called “Swallow Me Whole”, the Australian songstress Lupa J has proven a clear understanding of music production, lyrical expression, and overall artistic vision. I got the chance to interview this emerging artist following the success of the first two singles “Drift” and “You’re In My Headphones”;

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1.) When did you first discover your passion for music?
I started learning violin when I was 6! So I feel like I was always somewhat passionate and focused on music, but I really only discovered my passion for creating my own music when I was 15.

2.) Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?
My first big inspiration was Florence And The Machine when I was about 12!

3.) How were you discovered?
I uploaded my first demos to both soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed when I was 15, and I think some music blogs scouring the internet for new artists just stumbled upon it somehow! I think the first blog that ever wrote about it was Crack In The Road, and then a few bigger ones like DIY Mag and Line Of Best Fit wrote about me too, and then those early demos started getting a lot of plays. Triple J Unearthed reviewed and played me from the very start too.

4.) How much of you goes into your songwriting process?
I don’t know how to answer this other than to say all of me! It’s always intensely personal and emotional, but really really cathartic. I’m always writing about my life, and I found with this album that forcing myself to write constantly about everything I was feeling helped me realise a lot of things and make a lot of changes with my life that really needed to happen.

5.) What’s been the hardest part of your career?
I actually don’t think there’s really been anything too difficult yet… I mean I’m only 20, I still feel like it’s pretty early days. If anything I would just say I found it a bit hard this year because I didn’t put out any music for ages while I was writing my album, and so I didn’t do that many shows, it probably seemed like nothing was happening – and so there was this fear that people would ‘forget’ about me or something. But I’m finally putting out music again so here we go!

6.) You have a new single out called “You’re In My Headphones”, what can first time listeners expect?
I reckon this is potentially the brightest, most pop inspired song I’ve written yet – it’s just a fun synthy song about realising you’re capable of having crushes on people again after a long time of feeling drained and exhausted from relationships.

7.) What can you tell us about your forthcoming debut album?
It’s called Swallow Me Whole, and like the name might suggest, it’s largely about desire, recklessness, and escapism. Musically it’s hard to describe – I wrote it using the same 2 synths in every song but it definitely doesn’t all sit in one particular mood or space. I feel like all I can say is that it’s really intense. It’s not background music. I wouldn’t be able to play the whole thing in the cafe I work at.

8.) Do you have any upcoming tours planned?
Not anything I can reveal yet!

9.) Where is your favourite place to preform and what makes it special to you?
I’ve only ever done two shows at The Metro, supporting bigger artists, but it’s always felt amazing there. It’s a really nice sized room, it holds a lot of people but it’s not as intimidating as the bigger venues I’ve played at like The Enmore Theatre, and the sound always feels perfect! I just have memories of really excited fans that had piled into the venue early to get good spots for the main act, and were ready to love whatever I came at them with even though they didn’t know who I was.

10.) What would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?
Aside from writing this album, supporting Alice Glass and Grimes at their respective most recent Sydney shows.


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Written by Neill Frazer

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