First Look At The Trailer For Chris Rock’s ‘Saw’ Reboot That’s Leaked Online

Saw fans including myself were surprised to learn that the franchise was getting a reboot courtesy of comedian Chris Rock. Now the Saw reboot trailer has surfaced online. The official title of the film is Spiral: From the Book of Saw, and this version of the story has a vibe that is very much akin to David Fincher’s cult-classic mystery-thriller, Se7enSpiral was written by Chris Rock but he clearly also carries the film as its lead, with Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella and other stars backing him up.

Spiral trailer from saw

Chris Rock has indeed amended the dred tone of James Wan’s original Saw movies, adding some lighter moments of humor.“A lot of times I go to a movie or I watch a TV show and I go, ‘Wow, you know, two jokes would have made a big difference in that,’” Rock told IGN. “I love Saw, but I was like ‘Wow, it has almost no humor at all.’ So, it seemed like a good place…good fertile ground…By the way, the new Saw, I’ve seen like a rough cut. It’s still Saw…it’s bloody, it’s gory, but there’s like a sprinkling of humor here and there. We’re not revamping it, it’s not Scary Movie, it’s Saw.”

Spiral: From the Book of Saw hits theaters on May 15th.

Written By: Neill Frazer

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