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Brooklyn-based multi-platinum group American Authors and world-renowned Norwegian production duo, Seeb, team up to bring you a brand-new track “Best I Can” available today via Island Records. The romantic, upbeat dance-inspired track arrives just as American Authors close out their 34-city tour. “Best I Can” will see its national TV debut on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, March 2nd.

“’Best I can’ is about giving your entire heart to the person you love most. When you strip away the material objects and glamour in the world, all that really matters is the truest love we share.” – American Authors

“When Zac and American Authors reached out to us to hear if we were up for doing a song together, we started to play around with ideas and tried to figure out how our two different worlds could meet. We often like to work with artists and musicians who are outside the musical genre where we normally live, whether it would be acoustic singer-songwriter based music, indie, electronica or even rock.

This song feels like a natural blend of where American Authors come from musically with their unique instrumentation containing a lot of guitars and even banjo’s. We had a great time with this record. It’s probably not a collab that either of our fans are expecting, but that just makes it so much more fun to do.” – Seeb

SF-based indie-pop songstress ZOLA releases the title track, “Don’t Eat” from her upcoming debut albumDon’t Eat via KidinaKorner/Universal Records“Don’t Eat” is the third offering ahead of her full length project, and puts ZOLA’s storytelling prowess on full display. The single is a dense listen, veering away from the lighthearted rhythms of previous French-infused singles “Crystal Floors” and “Téléphone” into a stripped down, acoustic lane. On “Don’t Eat,” ZOLA exposes her fears for being “eaten whole” by the infamous faces of the music industry. The eerie, beautiful harmonies in “Don’t Eat” lend themselves to the theme of the track.

I wrote “Don’t Eat” right before signing with a record deal and I was feeling very overwhelmed and nervous about partnering up with a label. Over the holidays last year I was in Baja California at my families’ vacation home processing everything. The opening verse was inspired by a story told by one of my family friends. Back in her L.A. home, she would leave crystals out in her garden for fairies to come and fetch them and it is said that that brings good luck to the home and the garden. I loved that concept and decided to go along with it. Knowing that I would be traveling a lot between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I was looking for all the good luck and good juju and was literally afraid of being eaten whole by the music industry. 


ZOLA, an old soul in a young body, is a 23 year old singer and songwriter hailing from San Francisco, CA. She has family on 3 continents; her parents are French and South African. Being educated in French and English, ZOLA alternates between writing in both languages. With picturesque lyrics and a soulful breathy cadence, ZOLA is a unique genre-bending gem. The young songstress surprises her audience with her wise songwriting and clever combination of soul, jazz, R&B and indie-pop. She is a rare voice hellbent on redefining what it means to be a singer/songwriter in the age of technology.

Tune into ZOLA at the links below, and be on the look out for more information on her debut full-length project, coming later this year.


RIELL is an internationally touring and Top 40 charting Dance Pop artist, songwriter, and topliner from Canada. She shares her obsession with raw experience and adventures from around the globe, creating an innovative mix of artists like Halsey, The Weeknd, and Anne Marie. RIELL is set to release her 7-track debut album, PARADISE, which revolves around themes of self-exploration, an obsession with hardship and the impact of perspective on reality. The project was written and developed over a period of two years while touring around the world, coming to fruition in places like England, Costa Rica, India and Canada. Produced by Robbie Townsend, Biometrix and featuring M.I.M.E., the project will be released as a visual album with five full length music videos created in Toronto, ON. PARADISE is set to be released worldwide throughout 2020.

In addition to her upcoming solo debut, RIELL is a highly sought after topliner and vocalist in the EDM scene. She is currently working with popular EDM producers such as Egzod, Besomorph, and Unknown Brain (1.5 million monthly listeners). In the past year, her feature work has accumulated over 15+ million streams, 25+ million views, landed spots on prominent Spotify curated playlists, been supported by prominent DJ’s such as The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix, and has been a part of notable compilation albums such as NCS: ELEVATE (2019). Her collaborations have also received national radio play in France and Belgium as well as college radio play in England and Germany. RIELL has charted over 65 times across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa with her top track hitting #1 in Taiwan in the Electronic charts for her collaboration, “Take It”, with Unknown Brain and ThatBehavior. She has also secured an international ad campaign as the soundtrack for Makeup Revolution and Alexis Stone’s product launch released on September 13, 2019. Her current and upcoming feature releases can be found through labels such as NCS and Trap Nation.

Her energetic live show, complete with emotional, haunting vocals and relatable lyrics, has taken her on three international tours spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada. In addition to touring, RIELL has received first prize in the USA Songwriting Competition in the Dance/Electronic category in 2019, the Bell Media Prize through Canada’s Music Incubator in 2018, became a two-time semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2018 and Unsigned Only in 2019. RIELL has an extensive music background having completed her Grade 10 RCM for piano as well as a Bachelor of Music in Voice.

Crows Feet recording artist, Singer-songwriter/slide guitarist Jack Broadbent today shares his new music video for  “If”, the next single from his critically acclaimed album, Moonshine Blue. The video was first shared by No Depression.

The “If” music video is the perfect visual component to the song as it follows Jack as he travels across the country on the historic Route 66, reaching the end at the beaches of California and showing him in a variety of dynamic locations across the United States to the tune of Jack’s masterful guitar playing and pensive lyrics.

The Chicago Tribune recently lauded him,  “While Broadbent is indisputably a virtuoso guitarist, his world-class chops shouldn’t obscure his strengths as a singer-songwriter. His vocals are smooth and burnished as mahogany, his delivery unhurried, his lyrics both earthy and mystical.”

As he makes his way across the country on tour, fans and media have been picking up on his vast musical abilities.  He recently did a live performance on PASTE, and in talking about his critically accliamed album, Moonshine Blue, he recently told Billboard, “I’d been touring all over the states — well, all over the world, quite relentlessly, at the time. It wasn’t like I really had a couple of months to go sit somewhere and work it out, but that certainly brought in a lot of different moods and styles being in different places — different feelings, different times.”

Named the “new master of slide guitar” by the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Jack first began to gain widespread attention for his remarkably unique talent of playing the slide guitar with a whiskey flask while busking. Bootsy Collins, said, “The Blues has not seen such Good News in quite some time,” and Ron Wood, who credited Jack with “keeping the flag flying.” Jack has garnered over 111,000 monthly listeners and upwards of 10 million streams on Spotify.

The singer/guitarist is currently headlining his own cross-country North American tour, giving his legions of fans a chance to personally experience the electrifying energy and warmth that Jack delivers in every live performance. Jack will also be opening for Peter Frampton on his upcoming final farewell tour in the UK.

Producer and songwriter, Danny Zee, is forging his new artist path by announcing his upcoming debut album, Blue Butterfly, out now on all streaming platforms. Danny Zee is combining his Pakistani with his love of western genres of R&B and Hip-Hop to create a sound uniquely his own. 

Comprised of 8 original tracks, written over a 6-month period, the entirety of the album was written, composed, and produced by Danny in complete isolation and lock-down. The journey of the record was to document his progression from the dark to the light. Each track documents a moment on this path that has led Danny Zee to reach his full artistic expressions, such as heartbreak, abandonment, solitude, and acceptance.

The first single released off the record was “Blue Butterfly” which introduces Danny Zee as a vulnerable lyricist and hypnotic composer. Inspired by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and John Mayer, Danny follows the flow of Neo-Soul music, with a slow tempo beat and dreamy vocals that overlay the instrumental. The music video for “Blue Butterfly” was directed by Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group and feature choreographed movement by LA-based Aathira Rajeev (Just DanceThe Mandy Carmichael Show).

Kicking off 2020, Danny Zee released the second single off the album titled “So Long, Goodbye” which captures the essence of modern contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop infused with a surprising addition of a traditional Eastern Qawwali, composed and written by Hassan Badshah. For the music video, Danny worked alongside director Ashar Azmat of 838 Media Group.

Today, Danny Zee is looking to move forward as an artist as he pursues music that feels more authentic to him and brings his culture forward. With his debut album Blue Butterfly, out now, Danny introduces himself to the US audiences as a vulnerable songwriter and new R&B artist. Be sure to check out Danny Zee on social media to get exclusive music updates.

As an artist, Elise Lieberth has never shied away from being vulnerable with her fans. Having been open about her past hardships and the process of healing, Lieberth continues to release music that allows others to feel heard. With this musical mission in mind, Elise Lieberth is now releasing her compelling single “I Need You”, out now on all streaming platforms. This single is another songwriting collaboration between Lieberth and fellow Denver artist Rachel James.

Behind a beautiful lilting voice, there lies a dark past that Elise Lieberth rose above, transforming into a fighter with big dreams. Having developed a love for singing and performing at a very young age, Elise knew that music would be her lifelong passion. Music carried her through some of the darkest periods of her life. Lieberth continues to transform her trials and tribulations into power songs carries an important message of hope.

With “I Need You”, she explores the power of a relationship in making through those hardships. Through the song, she encourages others to seek support from a loved one or partner when they feel lost in the darkness.

Reflecting on her personal inspiration for the single, Lieberth opens up, “When I co-wrote this song with Rachel James I was reflecting on a time that I was distancing myself from my husband and was crying myself to sleep over unresolved issues from my past while my husband was laying next to me had no idea. It wasn’t until I was honest with myself and my husband that I needed to seek therapy. Through that process, I realized I needed my husband’s support more than ever, I needed him to hold me at night, I needed him to be there for me emotionally, so that we could come out stronger and be able to say that we both stayed.”

“I Need You” is the fourth single from Elise Lieberth’s third original full-length album,Invincible. The album is currently only available through anexclusive pre-release on her website with the opportunity to receive a special signed copy and digital download.

Be sure to follow Elise Lieberth on social media to get all music updates and exclusive content.

Raised in Toronto, Canada, Sylo’s (formerly Sylo Nozra) take on R&B is inspired by his environment. He was born into a Korean family with religious roots. This inspired him to sing as a child in church services, leading him to learn several instruments at once. Sylo’s musical talents were further enhanced by his older sister who played ’90s R&B and hip-hop to full effect. Once he learned how to apply his inspirations onto his own productions, he became driven to write and perform his own songs for the world. Sylo has now become known for his silky chill records that were created in his own bedroom studio. The work has received global recognition, charting virally on both Spotify and Apple. Additionally his songwriting skills have placed him in studios amongst Grammy-winning/nominated songwriters in Los Angeles, London and Toronto. Sylo Nozra’s debut album will be released in August 2020.

Husband and wife Americana duo, The Danberrys, officially released their single “The Mountain” in February. The song quickly drew praise, with American Songwriter noting their musical shift to an “…outlaw country style with pivoting riffs and beats.” Now, The Danberrys slow it down and explore the weight of trauma in their latest single, and album title track, “Shine”, out now on all streaming platforms.

“Shine” lyrically delves into the process of healing from childhood trauma. The Danberrys carefully crafted the track to convey the mining for one’s innate divinity by mending the pain from the darkness. Reflecting on the creation of the single, Dorothy Daniel says, “‘Shine’ is about finding forgiveness when there has been no justice, no apology, no explanation – forgiveness for the sake of releasing yourself. It’s about journeying steadfastly towards the tiny seed of light within and setting it on fire. The lyrics reflect the hard-earned skill of existing in more than one place within yourself once, learning to accept and even embrace the dichotomy of darkness and light.”

Not only is “Shine” the title track off The Danberrys’ upcoming album, releasing May 8, 2020, but also the second official track release from the project. With 12 new tracks, “Shine” departs from their signature acoustic sound to capture elements of rock, blues, and folk. This new musical direction lets the pair venture into a darker atmosphere as well as allowing their self-written lyrics to stand tall. “Shine” will mark The Danberrys’ third full-length album.

Currently, The Danberrys are elated to release “Shine”. To continue exploring the meaning behind “Shine”, The Danberrys will be releasing a music video for the track. Directed by Scot Sax, and filmed on Dorothy Daniel’s family’s land in Charlotte, TN, the music video will depict the story of a child escaping and healing from a nightmare. Be sure to check out The Danberrys on social media and check out “Shine”, available on all streaming platforms.

A Vancouver Islander at heart, now a Toronto dwelling folk/roots singer songwriter, Claire effortlessly pulls her audience into her personal world of love and life experiences, but always with a touch of her “wicked sense of humour” (Rik Emmett, Triumph). Influenced by folk/rock artists growing up and a degree in Contemporary Music performance, she blends her own style of intricate guitar playing and jazz influenced melodies, progressions and arrangements.  An OAC songwriting nominee, she’ll have concert goers bobbing their heads one minute, and silence the room with a tender rendition the next. With the vocal power of Susan Tedeschi paired with the velvety softness of Eva Cassidy, she brings her warm, approachable west coast charm to the stage and a graceful contemporary feel to indie folk music. Known for her ability to “transport her listeners to another world” her pure, clear voice, passionate performances and skilfully crafted songs paired with a personable performance approach win over audiences, time and time again. She also has a talent for mimicry and may whip out a voice impression or two…

Born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in Montague, PEI, Brielle Ansems has grown up with music on her lips and a creativity fostered by Prince Edward Island’s artistic community. As an avid reader, writer, and a recent graduate of Holland College School of Performing Arts Theatre Performance program, her lyric-focused music fuses folk sensibilities with pop and r&b influences to create an emotionally charged, poetic experience for her audiences.

Brielle gained recognition early in her journey with the 2011 SOCAN sponsored songwriting competition, Soundwaves’ So You Think You’ve Got the Beat, the winning of which resulted in a showcase in that year’s ECMA proceedings as well as recording time with well-known musician and producer David Rashed. Notable performances over the years have included both opening for, and sharing the stage with the likes of Ben Caplan, Liam Corcoran, Tim Chaisson, Matthew Barber, and Adyn Townes. As well as her work in the music industry, Brielle has also earned recognition in the Island acting world, making her professional theatre debut in the 2018 season of the Watermark Theatre. Her debut album, This New Hurricane, is planned for a 2020 release.

Buzzing genre disruptor Rence uncovers a brand new single entitled “Type 2” today.

Get it HERE via Epic Records.

Fusing organic instrumentation and glitchy production from the jump, faint acoustic guitar echoes in the background as Rence admits, “I’m a Type 2 when it’s time to fight you.” He rides a self-produced minimalist beat and dips into impressive falsetto before doubling back towards the hypnotic hook, “I get why you feel like, like I don’t mind.” Once again, he artfully balances alternative, R&B, hip-hop, and pop all at once within his own world.

The song arrives on the heels of the bold and buzz-y single “hate u, btw,” released earlier this year along with a DIYmusic video. It has since amassed close to 600k streams. Continuing to capitalize on the momentum sparked by the release of hisFall 2019EP, Rence continues to receive acclaim and accolades.Pigeons & Planesnamed him among “Best New Artists of the Month”while his breakout single“Expensive” [feat. Noah Cyrus] recently surpassed 6 million global streams. In addition, he has received looks fromNylon, i-D, The FADER, Billboard,Paperand more.

Following a string of dates supporting Christian French, the rising talent hits the road on EDEN’s No Future North AmericanTour as a special guest alongside keshi. It kicks off April 23 at House of Blues in Dallas, TX, rolls through major markets throughout the South, Midwest, and East Coast, and wraps up at Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI on May 20. Check out the final itinerary below.

Stay tuned for a whole lot more from Rence!

Electricity” was born out of a heatwave, broken by a rainstorm like I had never seen before.
I developed the song with my producer in Montreal, playing around on an old upright piano.
At the time, I was going through a phase in my relationship that I wasn’t entirely conscious of. My subconscious took over my lyric writing and the words poured out of me. “Electricity” was the conduit to writing about my internalized emotions, which I could feel the weight of.
Click here to listen to “Electricity” wherever you get your music.

Watch the official music video for “Electricity” via Variance Magazine 🗲 YouTube

I keep things inside because I think as soon as you say how you’re feeling out loud it becomes real. When I started writing this song, I realized the gravity of my inner feelings. Reading my lyrics back forced me to make positive changes in my life.

I hope you can experience your own catharsis through “Electricity.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen,

Following on from his previous single ‘Good Body’ which was given a glowing review by MixMag, Blaise’s continues to build his snowballing profile with support from DJ Target, Charlsey, Rickie & Melvyn. The track also went top 10 in the Music Week club charts and featured in the Love Island TV finale.

Speaking on the release of ‘Get Up’, Blaise says “The original is one of my favourite house tracks ever, so giving it a rework was a no brainer. It’s different from the original with a new female vocal from Teni, who’s amazing. I’ve gone down a more soulful route with it. It’s a track that’s really genderless, it works for a female or male voice and it’s just about coming together, whoever you are and having fun – a track for our times”.

Now a resident DJ in Dubai, Blaise has been touring the world and working on an album with a heap of collaborations – so watch this space!

MARCELØ DEISS is a Brazilian born, London based artist whose music dances between indie, blues, folk and rock. His music details themes about social alienation and human condition in subjects like greed, hypocrisy, absurdity and despair. The South American artist feeds off irony, satire and a dose of dark humor to make audiences see the obvious that goes unnoticed in everyday life. Highlighting situations and news that we see but we don’t look at and news we hear but we don’t listen to, MARCELØ brings light to ordinary occurrences. Everything from the overuse of technology, to economic policy and our daily customs.

Spending time in both London and Sao Paulo, the musician is able to explore new sounds as well as new topics. Influenced greatly by visual artists such as Steve Cutts and John Holcroft, MARCELØ’s songs revolve around the struggling underclass, with anthems about anti-establishment, anti-capitalist and anti-war. MARCELØ shares, “Cutts and Holcroft’s work embodies a powerful and scary message about humankind which we can all really relate to as human beings. Their work really helped create a clear vision of what I was trying to achieve sonically.”

In his latest work, MARCELØ touches on narratives revolving around the constant struggles and injustice we face in our society and how it is affecting us all. “Horses Running” deals with themes such as greed and social disaffection. MARCELØ confides, “I think it’s important to discuss topics about our society and the current problems we face together in the modern world. This to me seems more relevant due to the current situation our society is facing right now.” Knowing that he wanted to write about society and the system we live in, the songwriter was triggered by movements such as Brexit, Trump, Me Too, Black Lives Matter and other topics that deal with oppression. Comparing them to the dystopian worlds in sci-fi books including Brave New World, 1984 and The Year Of The Flood, MARCELØ noticed that these worlds aren’t very far from our own.

“Horses Running” soaks up much of MARCELØ’s love for blues artists including B.B King and Eric Clapton, while simultaneously delivering a fresh and modern indie rock sound. The track features powerful lyrics, distorted, gritty guitars and a determined rhythm section, whilst emanating vintage sounds through the use of analog equipment. The Brazilian artist creates music to stimulate emotions and “Horses Running” is a shining example.

With the hope that his music may spark conversations about subjects that need to be confronted and ultimately lead to answers in the long run, MARCELØ DEISS continues his journey, with the release of “Horses Running”.  (1.6 million followers)

“Be Bad” is an ode to feminism and inclusivity, something Jackie pushes for daily, given the industry’s diversity problem. In the music video Jackie plays Lilith, and tells the story of creation and the Garden of Eden. The story gives a clear depiction of Jackie’s views of feminism and gender inequality.  In the beginning, “god” directs Lilith and Adam on Earth below, and quickly replaces Lilith with Eve, for not being submissive enough, leaving Lilith to feel rejected and lost before reclaiming her inner power. “Be Bad” follows the release of Jackie Cruz’s debut album “Hija de Chavez,” which was inspired by the women who raised Jackie Cruz, and influenced her throughout her life.

With nearly 1 million Spotify plays, Jackie Cruz is an artist that found music through her own life experiences.  Orange Is the New Black was a launching pad for her on-screen career, but her first love was always music. After becoming a household name, the award winning actress independently released her first album, Hija de Chavez last year and then went on to developing her own Production Company, Unspoken Film – advocating for more representation of Latina women.

Jackie Cruz was inspired by the misrepresentation of the scope of her Latina people. She knew that shows like Orange is the New Black helped legitimize the current wave of issue-oriented shows, nudge conversations about incarceration into pop culture, and portray women of all walks of life. She grew tired of playing the same role. She felt it was time for everyone to see more colorful Latinx on screen, and Orange is the New Black couldn’t be the only show.

Jackie Cruz has an incredible story of how she got into acting/music.. started as a bottle service girl for years and still worked at the club her first two seasons on Orange is the New Black. Her latest work involves starring alongside Lucy Hale in A Nice Girl Like You, and NBC’s Good Girls.

Swedish artist and actress Frida Sundemo has released a brand new single, “Anything.” Listen to the song everywhere now here.  The track is released via Cosmos Music and is taken from her forthcoming new EP, due out this May.

Set amidst a swirling synth-pop beat, the song is an anthem of hope and resilience and yet another shining sample of Sundemo’s skilled songwriting prowess.  About the song, Sundemo explains, “’Anything’ is about never giving up, not for your own sake or for the sake of the ones you love.”

“Anything” is the third song to be released from Sundemo’s upcoming EP, following late 2019 tracks “Nothing Can Hurt Me” and “Gazelles.” Both songs highlight her range in music, with “Nothing Can Hurt Me” showcasing a driving electro-pop beat set against soothing undertones, while “Gazelles” is a soft yet powerful ballad about being “overwhelmed by the beauty of the unknown.”

Sundemo’s upcoming EP marks her return to music since her 2017 debut international album, Flashbacks & Futures, which was met with critical praise. Billboard proclaimed it highlighted Sundemo’s “penchant for icy, ornate synth pop,” whilst EARMILK coined Sundemo an ‘Artist to Watch,’ describing her music as “expansive, yet intimate, compositions.” V Magazine called her song “Gold” a “cinematic piece of swirling synths.” Inspired by the freedom and beauty of space, Sundemo described the album to Billboard as “‘cinematic electronic pop’ where big epic soundscapes meet tiny fragile elements.”

Growing up in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sundemo was raised in a highly musical environment, explaining to EARMILK that “everyone in my family sings or plays instruments.” She lists jam sessions with her siblings and parents as the beginning of her love for music. However, Sundemo first pursued a career in medicine, attending medical school and studying neurology, of which she continues to study today. Throughout her medical studies, Sundemo continued to write songs and taught herself the intricacies of music production.

Inspired by artists from Green Day to Björk, with her dream collaborators being Tom Waits and Thom Yorke, Sundemo also draws inspiration from composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams, influencing the spatial and often cinematic quality to her music.

A multi-faceted artist, Sundemo made her big-screen acting debut in the film Kill Your Friends and also wrote 3 songs for the soundtrack. Her songs have also been featured on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf.

From the imaginative, yet highly-analytical mind of Alannah Kavanagh comes Grizzly Coast, the Toronto-based indie rock project with heavy-hitting instrumentation that tears up the stage and heavy-lifting lyrical narratives that compel you to think deeper.

Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Grizzly Coast wears her expansion into full-band territory well, having toured her powerful and effervescent live show throughout Ontario and Alberta, including opening slots for Fast Romantics, Begonia, and Exclaim! magazine’s Class of 2020. Grizzly Coast blends her trademark thoughtful lyricism with dreamy guitar rock sensibilities on her singles Forever, Half-Light Boy and High-Functioning, and is releasing her debut EP this spring.

What do you think?

Written by Neill Frazer

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