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INsiders Guide: John K, Andria Piperni, JESSA, Lydia Singer, Erich Mrak, Tom Zanetti, Mabes, Middle Part, LA Solution Center, MADELLINE, The Dumes, Matt Mays, Filipa, Billy Hammer, Carolina East, Liza Owen, Fischer King….

Known for capturing the essence of an eternal summer, Florida native John K quietly cemented himself as an independent artist to watch in 2017 when he was handpicked as Elvis Duran’s “Artist of the Month,” allowing him to appear on the TODAY Show with a performance of his breakout single “OT.” Crediting his soulful vocals and effortless cool to influences ranging from Bill Withers and Donnie Hathaway to Jon Bellion, Ed Sheeran and Drake, he continued to make waves in 2019 by signing to Epic Records and releasing his if we never met EP, which landed him features with Billboard, Rolling Stone, Forbes and more. RIAA Platinum-certified single “if we never met” propelled him into 2020, with a version featuring Kelsea Ballerini and a return to the TODAY Show to perform the song. Garnering over 225 million streams, “if we never met” was followed by the heartfelt single “6 months” where he continued to stake out coveted real estate on top Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music playlists. Now, John K returns with “Happiness” and prepares for the release of his highly anticipated project this Fall.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t know how”, or something like that? Well, I have. I’ve battled with that stupid little voice in my head many times. It’s human. Fear kicks in as a way to “protect” us from risks, from pain. But you know what else fear does? It stops us from trying new things. It gives us excuses to not go after what we really want. And if you ask me… that sounds a lot more painful in the long run. 

I wrote my single Above The Clouds” as a reminder to myself that, as hard as it may feel to put yourself out there, as scary and uncertain as the future may seem, pushing through fear will always be worth it.

Hear “Above The Clouds” using your preferred streaming service now.

I look forward to sharing my debut EP Who’s Counting? with you in January. I think this year has forced us all to shift our focus, and the important things in life seem more clear now than ever. Although most of the songs were written beforehand, they were all recorded during the pandemic and reflect this sense of awakening.  Thank you for your time,Andria Piperni

When Vancouver-born, guitarist, koto player, vocalist and songwriter Jessica Stuart moved to Toronto, quitting work as vintage clothing buyer for a career in music, her goals were simple – release an album of original songs, hear her music on the radio, and satisfy her wanderlust on tour around the world. Stuart’s three-piece The Jessica Stuart Few checked the final box with their first Asian tour (and Top 40 single in Japan) in 2013, and since then, have played music festivals and been heard on airwaves from Australia to Germany and beyond.

Having made a name for herself through signature rhythmic and harmonically adventurous art pop, Jessica joined forces with producers Robyn Dell’Unto (LU KALA, Good Lovelies etc.) and Devon Henderson (Valery Gore, Running Red Lights etc.) to become JESSA, smashing layers of playful guitars and vocals into an indie-pop package, singing about trying to keep the joy in everyday life while navigating this weird world and all of its curve-balls.

If you hadn’t heard Jessica yet through her Best Album win at the Independent Music Awards, her five songs in the finals of the Canadian Songwriting Competition, or the record crushing, tear-jerking CBC documentary about her time living in Japan as a child (Finding Fukue, Nov 2018, 6 million + views, featuring Jessica’s musical score), then you’ll get to know JESSA through her debut album, Simple Songs, coming September, 2020.

Having propelled into the music scene with vigour, Lydia Singer continues to dazzle as she ascends into a new moment in her career. Marking the second release of 2020, ‘Tell Me’ comes off the back of her Spookzville collaboration ‘Games’. Her latest single embodies the free-spirited and charismatic charm of Lydia, immaculately showcasing her smooth and sweet vocals. The track is paired with a music video that gives us holiday envy as she takes us on her summer holiday escape. 


The last 12 months have seen impressive progression for the rising star receiving nods from the likes of Sian Anderson at BBC 1Xtra, as well as support from Westside and Reprezent Radio. Having just completed her A-Levels, Lydia has had a career way beyond her years performing at prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scott’s and Dame Cleo Laine’s jazz venue ‘The Stables’.


Launching her career at the age of 9 after earning first place at a singing competition, she already has a list of accolades to her name. The includes collaborating with Charles Foskett and songwriter Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue) on her first single “Meteor”, as well as performances across BBC Cambridge Introducing, BBC Three Counties and TV appearances on SKY’s ‘Tell Vanessa’ and ‘Britrox’ shows.

With an arsenal of new music in the pipeline, along with the release of her debut EP ’Summer’, Lydia Singer shines through as one of the most exciting new voices in the UK. 

Stay up to date with Lydia Singer by following her socials for news about upcoming releases & more.


Canadian experimental pop artist Erich Mrak unveils the second single off his upcoming record ‘Glimpse’ on September 15th. Described as the ‘most dynamic song’ on the album, Mrak’s latest offering is lead by a guitar-driven production, bringing an intoxicating feel to it. Once again, his genre bending various music styles makes it hard to put Mrak in a box. “No Ways” is a relatable story that explores the topic of friendship.

“No Ways” is about a friend expressing their romantic feelings, and then having to manage their expectations while deciding what feels best for the friendship moving forward.

Erich Mrak was born in Ottawa, Canada and later moved to Toronto to pursue music. He has been working on solo material for the past couple of years, refining his music and crafting his own sound.

Following the release of his single ‘Girls’ in June, Erich Mrak has spent a productive summer, revisiting his former material through alternate versions, offering his fans weekly releases throughout quarantine. ‘No Ways’ is now available on all digital platforms.

After amassing over a million views on YouTube for his latest track “One Night” featuring Dappy and Haze Da Martian in late July, Leeds based DJ, producer, vocalist and entrepreneur Tom Zanetti is back with another record “Flight Mode”, this time returning to his dance roots that his fans know and love him for.

Keeping in true Tom Zanetti style, he pays homage to his hometown of Leeds with this bassline house track, not only producing it, but also showcasing his emceeing skills on not only one verse but two. Coming through straight after Tom’s first verse and switching the track up with his effortless, hard bars is rapper Silky lending his skills to the anthemic beat.

Tom Zanetti and Silky are flying out on a private jet for the video surrounded by beautiful women and some air stewardess, with a cameo from Birmingham rapper Jaykae, who also is there to enjoy the party atmosphere.

Tom Zanetti is a force to be reckoned with. Since his 2016 breakout single You Want Me which boasts over 80 million streams, 44 million video views and a BPI Platinum Certification, he has followed this up with heavy-weight infectious releases such as Wicked & Bad ft Jaykae, More & More ft. Karen Harding, Back to Back Freestyle ft. D Double E and more all receiving millions of views on YouTube.

Independent London based artist Silky is relatively new to the game, releasing 3 solo tracks and reaching 12.7 million views on YouTube, and over 10 million streams across DSP’s. In his first ever collaboration, he joins forces with Tom Zanetti who he draws inspiration from and was listening to from his early teens.

Indie-folk-pop artist Mabes shares her retro video for latest single “Danny” – a poignant track about a lover left behind while their spouse is off serving time in the armed forces. With her wistful lyrics, Mabes impeccably captures the heart-wrenching essence of true love, patience, and yearning. The new content (including previously released “Too Young To Love”) is a precursor to her forthcoming EP due out later this Fall via The Other Songs.

The quickly rising British singer-songwriter taps into her anecdotal abilities, inventing the character that is ‘Danny’ to represent anyone on active duty and sacrificing their life for their nation. Sung from the perspective of the love interest waiting at home, Mabes’ inspiration for the new song stems from her admiration for Laura Marling’s poetic storytelling. “After years of listening to Laura Marling, I wanted to write a song from another person’s perspective and create a character, something Laura does so well.” She continues, “When I was younger, I would see many wars reported on the news. I always wondered how people in the armed forces and their families coped with the reality of the job. So in this case and for this song, the character I’ve invented is Danny, the soldier that left for war and doesn’t come home.” She elaborates on the video, “Elle Lotherington and I wanted to create a thought-provoking homage to all of the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for the happiness and betterment of our future. When I watched through old footage of families being reunited with their loved ones, I had a heavy heart thinking about the fallen soldiers that never came home. Even though the old footage was years ago, I wanted to reinstate that it’s still very much a current topic. Elle and I are so proud of what this video stands for.“

Mabes’ comeback single “Too Young To Love” arrived shortly after the success of her Keeping The Noise Down EP (released May 22nd via Amuse / The Other Songs). The EP – written partly in Nashville – was a nod to the community she fell in love with and included collaborations with Jonny Latimer (Ellie Goulding, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man), Dan McDougall (Noel Gallagher), and Quarry. Mabes tells Sounds Like Nashville in an exclusive love letter to Music City, “I think fate brought me to Nashville… Before I knew you I felt afraid to be myself, but you embraced me in your open arms and taught me to see things differently. I had always seen the world as a strange place, somewhere I didn’t quite fit in, but when I stumbled across you, I was home.” The EP visual transformed all four songs into one collective piece of art representative of her teenage years and further illuminated Mabes’ affinity for the ‘70s and Americana/folk/country culture in the states.

Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Middle Part creates synth-laden music in the hopes of making you feel something. Composed with honesty and sincerity, his music takes inspiration from both 90’s and early Millenium alternative bands. Middle Part was born when singer Andrew Selkōw moved to the deepest parts of Northern Alaska to find himself, after experiencing a major meltdown. Living in a shipping container in the isolated vastness of the Alaskan wilderness, Selkōw ignited his love for literature and music, with the musician sharing, “Art is important, no matter how you decide to approach it. There’s no age or formula so just create. It’s the most healing form of therapy I’ve ever experienced.”

Middle Part’s upcoming six-track EP I Wish I Was Alive is heavily driven by his personal experiences, his shortcomings, his struggle with depression, dissociation and overall loss. It’s about grasping the concept of death, getting older, mental instability and self-reflection. Selkōw confides, “I wanted to make sure and let go of my ego before I pursued music again so that’s a big theme in this record as well as the inability to connect especially when you’re compartmentalizing everything all of the time. I wanted to be really honest and vulnerable in this batch of songs. I’m so goddamn sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music.”

“& Cry” has the ability to feel 90’s while maintaining a modern approach. Featuring Smashing Pumpkins style guitars and haunting production that evoke Oneohtrix Point Never, “& Cry!” is a head first dive into the conflict of meeting expectations in a relationship and how we may sometimes fall short. The title serves as a refrain to encourage emotional release from the constant pitfalls. Set against a raucous breakbeat sample. Selkōw explains, “I think it’s supposed to be a very romantic plot but it has this dark side of not being entirely there if that makes sense. You want all these things, you think it’s great, but you’re mentally unfit to take it on. You don’t understand why, so just cry, it’s okay…I’m here.”

“Heartbeat” showcases Selkōw’s effortless vocals and atmospheric synths, resulting in a hypnotizing, dream-esque song. While “Busy” highlights steady beats, ethereal soundscapes and floaty melodies, creating a juxtaposition between the song’s sonic feel and it’s title. Listening to Middle Part is like reading one of Selkōw’s journal entries and uncovering all the back and forth he has in his head on a regular basis. His honest songwriting grants people access to creating art in a safe space, admitting, “I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect and that might be the message.”

(Photo Credit – M.E. Photography)

LA Solution Center is thrilled to be celebrating its debut single, “My Piranha”, which premiered on September 4th and is now available on all digital platforms – including an official music video on YouTube. A new musical collective developed by Vancouver’s Dan Ponich, LA Solution Center features songs written and produced by Ponich with an eclectic hand-picked rotation of vocalists and musical collaborators to add a distinct set of artistic qualities to each song. For “My Piranha”, Calen Trentini (CIVILIANA) provided vocals with Paul Trounce on drums, and mastering by Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Collins. The aggressive vocal style is melded
with a distorted, melodic guitar riff against an alt-rock canvas to create a sustained energy of rhythm and feeling. The appropriately hyper-stylized music video was produced by Ryan Mitchell. Speaking about what led to “My Piranha”, Ponich says, “When the pandemic sent many of us into self-isolation, I reflected on where I was in life vs. where I wanted to be. The contrast between those two points brought on a great deal of personal frustration. ‘My Piranha’ developed as a deeper expression of those feelings, but on a broader level, it’s about the human obsession with progress and how even our strongest personal ambitions can get derailed by what gets in the way.” While “My Piranha” came from his own exploration of progress, the single release and accompanying launch of LA Solution Center represents a significant step forward for Ponich. A versatile artist, producer, and studio owner by trade, his new inspiration followed the artistic influences of Chevelle, The Verve, Kasabian, and Arctic Monkeys and led him to a distinct sound that goes against the grain of traditional rock and is dominated by a bold, indie flavour. So far, the early interest in LA Solution Center has already led to a pair of sync licensing agreements for Ponich with BLKMKT Music and makesound.

late night text” is your daily reminder that you deserve more than the minimum effort from someone. Don’t waste your time.

My new bedroom dream pop song is now available on all streaming platforms! Listen to “late night text”  wherever you get your music –

The music video will be out in just a couple of weeks!

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The mood starts soft and somber. I’m cooped up in my apartment overthinking a connection I thought I had with someone. When the beat drops right after 1:13, the vibe entirely changes. Now it’s a catchy bop about not waiting around for that late night text. 


Photo: Emma Cole

Restless modern rock 5-piece, The Dumes, have shared their debut single and powerful statement of intent, “Neverlost”. Within its tight three-minute package, “Neverlost” delivers a striking reflection on breaking away from the past and building a future on your own terms. The track was recorded with Grammy-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, Cherry Glazerr, The Killers) at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA. His guiding hand showcasing The Dumes at their most dynamic, with amps burning hot, drums beat to breaking point, and singer Elodie Tomlinson’s vocals bursting at the seams with frustration. The result of a band performance that Elodie describes as ‘a collective temper tantrum’.

To really get to the heart of what makes The Dumes tick, it helps to consider that when you grow up as one of seven siblings as Elodie did, you better get loud if you want to get heard. It’s a spirit that she’s carried with her way beyond childhood. A spirit that finds home in her vocal delivery that rages, soars, and swoops with unwavering control, and her lyrics that speak on life’s experiences with candor and an affecting clarity. In these ways, her approach distills the lessons she’s learned from the female pioneers of new wave and rock that she grew up idolizing. Combine Elodie’s grit with Liam McCormack (bass), Chris Dunn (drums), and guitarists Peter Recine and Kyle Biane’s experiences hustling as working musicians on the L.A. scene and you get a band that knows exactly what it takes to cut through the noise. That way is not one that involves being cooped up indoors with their instruments plugged into a computer; It involves sweaty rehearsal rooms, stages across the city, and throwing themselves into their music with abandon.

When the world went into lockdown earlier this year Matt Mays took the opportunity to challenge himself as a songwriter, musician and producer. Dog City was written from the perspective of a rescue dog and recorded in a makeshift studio in Mays’ garage. Going one step further, he asked fans to choose a release date during an online concert performance. May 17th was selected at random, and, in the wee hours of the morning on that day, Mays uploaded Dog City to Bandcamp. On August 28th, Sonic Records/Warner Music Canada will release the mastered album to digital music services worldwide and the vinyl LP will be available September 25th.

As it turned out, Dog City is a triumph, showcasing Mays’ versatility as both a songwriter and performer (he even contributed tenor sax to “Talking to the Sky”) and reflecting his wide range of musical influences. When the original unmastered album was released, Mays described the songs as “about pure freedom, love, contentment, companionship and all the stuff in between. I wrote every note and lyric over the last 6 weeks in confinement in my cold garage and a few other empty spaces. Except for the Stooges cover :-)” While the album was produced in isolation, that doesn’t mean Mays was entirely without his buds. Long-time collaborators Tim Jim Baker (drums, percussion, programming) & Serge Samson (bass) contributed their parts to about half the songs from their home studios. More recent band mates Asa Brosius (pedal steel) and Melissa Payne (vocals) also contributed parts via the wires. Leah Fay contributed vocals to “Talking to the Sky” while her July Talk bandmate Peter Dreimanis added his distinct voice to “Number Canine”. Kate Dyke added her vocals to “New Tricks” the day before Mays was to upload the finished album (because he wrote the song earlier that day).

Singer-songwriter, Filipa, is back with the release of her new single, “Do Something”. As always, in this track, she is unapologetically honest about what she feels as she speaks of the confusion one can feel when the other party shows no decision-making intentions about feelings and commitment. With a catchy slow groove, the song may find you wondering about what really happened.

No stranger to the spotlight, Filipa experienced worldwide success after winning an international Ryan Seacrest cover song competition for her rendition of One Direction’s “Story Of My Life”. The contest catapulted her to instant stardom in South Africa and gave her a global platform to focus on releasing her own original music. She released her debut single, “Chills”, on to rave reviews and later the song “Little White Lie”, which quickly climbed the iTunes and South African radio charts, landing in the top five on 5FM and the top twenty in Jacaranda FM in 2016.

She started traveling to New York and Los Angeles to work with various accomplished producers and songwriters, most notably, platinum-selling songwriter, Pam Sheyne (best known for Christina Aguilera’s global hit, “Genie in a Bottle”), who has worked with Filipa for the past two years and has been instrumental in helping her craft her stories into great pop songs, such as “Do Something”. Filipa hopes to continue captivating SA audiences, while still having her sights on the international market, and particularly the US, where she has released “Good Behavior”, “I’d Rather Be Single” and “7th Floor”.

Filipa’s real-life experiences are also her musical gift. She has the ability to tell her stories in a real and raw way that is relatable, unashamed, and authentic. What makes her unique is that she pushes herself past pop predictability, crafting her own lane of “transparent pop” that gives her the freedom to speak her mind through her songs.

Driven and determined, she has not only been working hard at her craft but also at her studies. This year, she will become a graduate of Harvard University’s Extension School.

this past Friday, indietronica producer and multi-instrumentalist Billy Hammer released his new debut EPjoshua tree, a psychedelic exploration of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring environments.
“After moving to LA at 18 to attend UCLA, I soon found myself driving to Joshua Tree with a car full of new friends and a bag full of psilocybin mushrooms.  The experience I had out there was absolutely paradigm-shattering, making me question things I had never questioned before and feel things I had never felt before.  The mysterium tremendum captured me, and since that experience I have driven out to Joshua Tree many more times to go inward, reconnect with nature, and experience the mystery.  The joshua tree EP is three songs that attempt to share the psychedelic experience through music. “haze” represents the anticipatory come up, “mirage” represents the overwhelming peak, and “release” represents the poignant come down.

Together with filmmaker Anthony Wilson, we created an audio-visual project to translate these experiences.”
– Billy Hammer on joshua tree EP

Across his work, Billy Hammer discusses a search for meaning and often cites desert imagery and existentialism as inspiration. After mastering guitar, violin, and piano in his childhood, and becoming a popular future bass producer by the end of grade school, Billy Hammer’s work is a unique mix of live and electronic elements, making him a multi-talented musician to watch.

Photo Credit: Apryl and Dave Stead

East Coast musician Carolina East is excited to announce the release of her new track, Hunger’the 3rd single from her new album Soaked in Whisky which will be out in May 2021.

‘Hunger’ is a driving, pop-tinged country track that is all about the insatiable desire that happens in a romance with extended periods of separation.

‘Hunger’ is about the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship,” says Carolina East. “It’s about putting in the work to make the relationship work.”

A creation of the maritime elements, Carolina East is a vibrant, bold, songstress from Newfoundland and Labrador, who proudly wears an eclectic tapestry of musical influences, from soul to country, to pop. This year, Carolina East won the MusicNL Country Artist of the Year award, received a nomination for ECMA Indigenous Artist of the Year, and she recently joined the Sirius XM Top of the Country competition as one of eight competing semi-finalists.

Earlier this summer, Carolina East released her second studio single, ‘Soaked in Whisky’which charted on Canadian Country radio. The success and momentum of that track is followed by her new release ‘Hunger’.

Carolina East’s new single ‘Hunger’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit:

(Photo Credit: Shane McCauley)

Pop songstress Liza Owen returns to the spotlight unfiltered with her brand new single, “Getting Good” via EPIC Records. Written alongside co-writers Julian Bunetta, Shungudzo, John Ryan, Andrew Haas, and Ian Franzino and produced by ASL, “Getting Good” tells the ultimate story of self-destruction and the lengths we go to leading ourselves down the wrong paths. Listen to the track on all digital streaming platforms HERE, and check out the visualizer HERE.

Reminiscent of early 90s guitar-driven grunge, the song opens with a hypnotic rhythm played on the triangle, instantly drawing listeners in. In the chorus, Liza echoes, “I’m getting good at wasting time, With my friends in neon lights, Live a lifetime in one night, I’m getting good at counting cars, Getting good at hating songs, Getting good at getting gone,” fully embracing the song’s theme. “Getting Good” explores the dualities that live inside all of us in a raw, honest, and unapologetic fashion – true to Liza Owen’s nature.

“This song is really about self destruction and recognising that sometimes we’re all a bit lost,” says Liza. “It’s kind of a dark song, but there’s also a weird sense of empowerment in just owning that darker side of yourself and all your floors.”

Earlier this summer, Liza Owen released her fiery debut single, “Why Aren’t We Having Sex?,” asking the pervasive quarantine question that’s on many people’s minds. The song and its equally sultry music video premiered exclusively via Flaunt Magazine and gained additional praise from NoisetrendHollywood Life, and Euphoria, who called it a sexy sonic gem [that] sets the tone for what is hopefully even more spicy music to come from Owen.” Watch the music video HERE.

Los Angeles based producer and composer Fischer King creates pitch-black alternative pop, with influences that range from James Blake and Nine Inch Nails to Claude Debussy and Herbie Hancock. As a child he forged an early love for tense, bombastic classical music before diving headfirst into the punk rock and hip hop scenes that surrounded him in Detroit. After moving to LA as a young adult, Fischer has spent years working behind the glass for a host of artists, producers and directors, constantly absorbing inspiration and refining his sonic identity.

His self-titled EP will be his first time stepping into the light with a personal, singular artistic vision. King shares, “I combed through a mountain of half-finished ideas, pages of lyrical snippets and after a few months of intense pre-production I landed on a core group of songs and a “textural signature” that felt as honest as it could be.”

Sonically the EP has a streamlined palette, with regular appearances of simple drums, pitch-shifted guitars, cascading strings and synths that feel like they might fall out of tune. The songwriter explains, “Ultimately I wanted everything to feel just ever-so-slightly bent.” King credits Billie Eilish’s debut album for emboldening him to stick with a vocal-forward, almost claustrophobic sound, “a concept that would have been far too vulnerable for a younger me to stomach” he reveals.

Leading single “Fault Lines” showcases beautifully muted tones and a grumbling bassline which acts as a juxtaposition to the scintillating synths. His music has been dubbed as “existential crisis pop”, with narratives concerning what one’s purpose might be, what in life holds actual value, and how one’s environment can affect those perceptions. This is particularly true with “Lost” – a track about losing your footing outside the context of a relationship. “Lost” features an amalgam of sounds which gradually build into a unique, cinematic release.

King’s music reflects life’s less glossy moments with addiction and deception (both of yourself and others) being major themes throughout the EP. The musician confides, “Anyone who’s familiar with the former knows it invariably breeds the latter, and unfortunately they’ve both touched my life to a considerable degree. I’ve lost friends, I’ve seen family struggle, and I myself have flirted with going down the wrong path.”

Sydney-born, now UK-based songstress Mali-Koa returns with her glorious new single “Revolution”, the latest to be lifted from her upcoming debut album.

Co-produced by Grammy Award winning producer Maestro ‘The Baker’ (Rihanna, J Hus) and arranged by Onree Gill (Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, John Mayor,, the smooth gospel-tinged track gorgeously utilises rich, bright pianos across a graceful, foot-stomping beat. The final chorus’ powerful key change particularly showcases Mali’s warm and stirring vocals, which soar as she is joined by the soulful Ella Q and sing choir (Prince, Whitney Houston, John Legend, Charlie Wilson) across echoing hand-claps for a truly euphoric and spiritual sonic experience.

Sharing her thoughts on the song, Mali-Koa reveals: “Revolution is your most powerful self in your most vulnerable moments. It’s the choice to be an active participant in the life you want to live. It’s about the change you want to see in the world. It’s self-belief and a belief in the power of others to do good. It’s the moment you choose a path and commit to moving forward. It’s when you make decisions out of love and not fear. Revolution is radical and it is equal. Revolution is the greatness in our everyday experience of life and what it means to be human.”

With the Honest Records-signee’s effortlessly raw approach to song-writing alongside mellow productions, the gifted songstress swiftly secured her spot in the music scene – yet she is only just getting started. As well as already sitting on over 4.5 million streams on Spotify, Mali has built an engaged fanbase of over 800k across socials, toured with the likes of Nina Nesbitt, MAX, Tessa Violet and Etham, written with G-Eazy and critical attention from the likes of Refinery29, Clash, Spindle, Tone Deaf, Euphoria1883 Magazine, Pause Her and VICE’s No Basic Girls Allowed – forging her path as a multi-faceted artist paying serious attention to all elements of her craft.

After spending the past year writing and recording with renowned producers in the studio, Mali-Koa is now gearing up for the release of her debut album, out later this year. With her sonically refreshing talent, this project will exceed her fans’ expectations.

Trash-wave trailblazers, Me Nd Adam, is the depraved result of a relationship between a self-loathing egotist and a boisterous, red-headed emotional wreck. After meeting in New Orleans and hating each other, Adam & Vince parted ways. Unfortunately, there can be no despair without hope, no discord without union, no darkness without light. Thus, Adam & Vince came to realize they had no choice but to embrace their differences and craft the emotionally turbulent, alternative pop duo, Me Nd Adam. Now living the dream in a small apartment in Austin, they’re sharing their hope-tinged despair with the world.

Over the past year, the band has been refashioning its sound, embracing their Texas roots with a traditional rock aesthetic in instrumentation, lyrics, and arrangement, while retaining elements of their original alt electro-pop style. The new vibe is reminiscent of classic American songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with a contemporary twist of pop production like heavy hitters Marshmello and Louis Bell. The band’s influences range from Willie Nelson to Meek Mill, Jason Isbell to Blink 182.

“Something Better” is the 3rd single off their debut album American Drip Part I. A fierce electro-rock banger that speaks to an oh-too-familiar feeling: the quarantine hangover. The duo unpack a debilitating binge-drinking cycle and the rarely heeded pep-talk you might give yourself afterwards. They explain, “You keep waking up every morning hungover and telling yourself you gotta get your sh*t together but the next thing you know you’re back on the wagon, boozin’ again. You might be self-aware enough to know it’s no good, but you’re too lazy or messed up to actually do anything about it.”

Recorded with Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers) and mastered by Chris Athens (Drake, Coldplay, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z), “Something Better” features bold, immersive soundscapes, candid lyrics and an invigorating rhythm, creating the ultimate party anthem. 

Me Nd Adam have garnered millions of streams across DSPs, with their music garnering acclaim from the likes of Wonderland Magazine and The Line of Best Fit. They have also received notable sync placements, such as MTV’s ‘Real World’. The music video for their most recent single “Heartbreak Kid” was a finalist at the Austin Music Video Festival, nominated for Video of the Year.

After honing their live show at venues like Irving Plaza and The Fonda, Me Nd Adam opened to a sold-out crowd for Big Freedia at the Mohawk in Austin. Since then, the band has been tearing through the Austin music scene with appearances at Pride Fest ATX, Mohawk, Emo’s, The Parish and a sold-out headline performance at Stubb’s.

American Drip Part I, is out this fall via Las Vegas-based indie Handwritten Records.

Boasting a series of breakout singles, 23-year-old alternative pop singer-songwriter Christian French releases the good things take time EP (via Disruptor Records/RCA Records)

Listen HERE.

About the EP, Christian shares, good things take time is about the trial and error of figuring life out and finding what works best for yourself. The project encompasses both my personal life and life as a musician. I’ve realized life is going to throw you curveballs, and there’s no way to know what’s coming or how to perfectly deal with things. All you can do is your best in every situation and approach challenges optimistically. Be patient. What you’re going through will help you continuously grow and become a better version of yourself. That’s what life is about.”

The upbeat title track “good things take time” mixes French’s smooth vocals with buoyant production and sets a hopeful tone for the EP. The soulful, self-aware anthem showcases Christian’s optimism and patience while on his journey of personal growth and self-love and acceptance.

Already, tracks from the EP—such as “i think too much, “time of our lives,” “crowded room,” “make or break up” and “paper thin”— have cumulatively tallied millions of streams and counting and has received praise from TIME MagazineBillboardOnes To WatchBELLO MagAmerican Songwriter, and CelebMix. 

Elsewhere on the seven-track set, “wake up” pairs a lush soundscape with French’s trademark velvety vocals and optimism. A timely reminder of the world we live in, he advises listeners to look within, encourage each other, and course-correct, because “we’ve been sleeping but alarms are going off, so it’s time to wake up. 

The ‘good things take time’ EP follows French’s highly successful breakout single “head first,” which maintains staggering momentum since its May 2019 release. Amassing over 50 million worldwide streams collectively, and averaging over 200k daily streams thanks to features on Spotify’s top playlists like Pop Rising and Young & Free, the alt-pop gem keeps fans hypnotized, mesmerized globally.

good things take time EP track listing 

1. “good things take time”

2. “wake up”

3. “i think too much”

4. “crowded room”

5. “make or break up”

6. “time of our lives”
7. “paper thin”

Confidently impressing on his scorching previous single “Bodyline”, Spanish R&B sensation XNilo teases his forthcoming mixtape with his latest release “Long Time Coming.”

Seeping in synths, bass, and deep pulsing rhythms, “Long Time Coming” is bold yet gritty cut, with dance flair and an unapologetic energy that runs throughout the song’s entirety. The electric new single, mixed by Paul Simm (Amy Winehouse, Neneh Cherry) is a salute to leaving a toxic romantic situation, taking his R&B repertoire on an alternative route, and proving his pedigree as a well-versed artist.

With DEIVOL in the director’s chair this time around, the brand-new video for “Long Time Coming” doubles down on its dance appeal with XNilo starring amongst the bright neon lights as he struts through the club with a care free coolness coming through cutting his loses.

Speaking on the new release, XNilo shared: “This track is a rolling anthem that lyrically speaks of finding it hard to let go of someone you know is no good for you. I wrote and produced this song when I was in a dark place, and music was the only thing that helped me get through the situation I found myself in at that time.”

Budding pop singer-songwriter Lulu Simon is kicking cuffing season to the curb and saying hello to Single September in her newest release “Strangers.” The song, inspired by her own experience overcoming a toxic relationship, glistens with her signature ‘80s synth-pop sparkle and is gorgeously paired with vulnerable yet witty lyricism. “I called it off. I fed your ego long enough to starve my own,” she laments in the first verse. Lulu Simon’s music is the epitome of ‘sensitive pop’ – the type of music that has you dancing alone in your bedroom, crying your face off while wiping away mascara-streaked tears. The new release builds on that sentiment, offering up 4 minutes of pure catharsis.

On “Strangers,” Lulu recounts a past situationship where she slowly lost her identity trying to impress a love interest but finally broke off in a venture to find new confidence. She explains, “I wanted this guy to like me so I drove myself absolutely insane trying to fit into an environment that just ended up being so inhospitable to me and my sensitive ass. Eventually I had to admit to myself that I was becoming insecure and miserable when I’m not meant to be either of those things. I had to do major damage control and remove myself from the situation. I decided ‘I don’t want to be friends with you, I’ve never been just friends with you, I don’t know how to be and I don’t want to learn.’” She continues, “Lesson of the story is love yourself and don’t settle, especially for something that is unhealthy for you or for someone who wants to change you.”

Although Lulu Simon always had a secret dream of becoming a musician, the New York City-born and now LA&NY-based singer-songwriter never truly saw herself blossoming into the talent she is now. Growing up traveling the world with parents Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) and Edie Brickell (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians), Lulu was submerged into the musical scene at a young age – taking up piano lessons, transitioning into guitar, and later developing a love for acoustic songwriting. After graduating from college and garnering inspiration from older brother Ade (aka Adrian Simon), Lulu decided it was time to go full throttle with her music.

Rising pop sensation Sam DeRosa is back – pouring her heart into new single “321.” With slick vocals backed by a playful instrumental, Sam gives listeners a taste of her debut EP The Medicine due out later this fall via Monument Records.

The Los Angeles-based artist delivers a hypnotic track, unearthing the plethora of feelings that surface post-breakup. From the very first verse, “321” describes a night known all too well. The drinks are flowing, the music is blasting, the night is young… but your suppressed emotions decide to pop in for a little surprise. Suddenly you find yourself crying on a random bathroom floor. Did you make a mistake? Do you want them back? Or is this just the alcohol talking? “Vodka soda, I sip it slowly, I get a little dangerous when I get lonely… I’m nervous, got me shaking, got me feeling like the old me…” Sam professes.

Penning the track from her own experience bumping into an ex, Sam perfectly captures the universal emotional turmoil that takes over you from the unexpected encounter. “It’s a moment that we all experience in a break up: the late night, sometimes tipsy, moment of regret…when you tend to go crazy in your thoughts and think that you’ve made a mistake and after all this time, you want this person back. But do you really?” She continues, “It’s a vulnerable and honest story that 90% of us have experienced. Hopefully my fans will hear this and feel like I’m right there with them – whether we are stumbling home, dancing around the house, or crying it out on the bedroom floor. I’ve been there, so I’ll sing them through it.”

Following a remarkable performance of her original song “Pill For This” on NBC’s Songland (with special guest Charlie Puth), Sam DeRosa instantly stole judges Shane McAnally, Ester Dean, and Ryan Tedder’s hearts. While Sam is far from just any overnight TV series success, it was this moment of utter vulnerability that sparked her partnership with multi Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Shane McAnally (Kacey Musgraves, Kelly Clarkson, Sam Hunt) and her first major record deal with Monument Records (a joint venture with Sony Music). Sam tells PEOPLE, “I never in a million, trillion years thought that it would happen this way… I’ve been waiting tables and bartending, singing cover gigs and missing holidays with my family for gigs that only paid $50. I always thought, there’s no way when you put this much energy into something that can’t work.”

(photo credit: Chris Rosa)

SoCal-based band We The Commas announce their debut EP SARB (due out in October) and share new single “Pissed Off.” The new offering from brothers Cam (18), Jordy (19) and Lenny Comma (23) combines bonafide lyrics with a commanding melody and electrifying guitar riffs. Trading in the soothing harmonies and chill vibes found in “Custom Made” and “Sherry” that make up what they’ve coined ‘Surf Alternative R&B,’ the trio continues to separate themselves from the rest with their outstanding versatility. While their previous releases transported listeners to the beachside, the epic “Pissed Off” video (directed by Chris Rosa and Josh Sikkema) takes you on an action packed journey across the desert throughout southern California.

The story behind “Pissed Off” originates from Lenny’s college years, where he felt lost on the road towards his life’s destination and felt pressure to choose a career path. In turn Lenny put pen to paper and channeled his confusion and frustration into song. He notes, “I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I changed my major four times and I felt aimless. I finally had enough, and had to get my anger out because I was tired of feeling like a failure and I felt like no one understood me.” While the specifics of the situation may vary, the core tale of sullenly navigating the unknown is one we can all identify with. Jordy relates to that sentiment and states, “This track is personally so important to me because as a college student, I’ve experienced many days where I felt lost, out of place, and frankly just pissed off searching for answers. This song is empowering and reminds everyone that you’re not alone in your frustration trying to find your purpose.” Cam also adds, “‘Pissed Off’ reflects a time in my life where I was really struggling to find fulfillment and happiness. I found myself trapped in a dark place that felt more lonely than ever. This song is a way to express and release all that negative energy. There is something so powerful about the rawness and vulnerability we all share in this song.”

My new track, “Vibin,” was born out of exhaustion with the negative news and energy around the world this year. Seemingly everything has gone wrong in 2020, to the point where it has numbed us. With everything that has happened, the priorities of young people have shifted. The first verse of “Vibin” is about representing that shift in mindset, while the second verse looks at the shift from a personal perspective.

Take a listen to “Vibin” on Apple Music ☀ SoundCloud ☀ Spotify

Young people aren’t numb or ignorant because we choose to have fun in the face of uncertainty. “Vibin” is a reminder that it is okay to be happy despite everything going on in the world. Living in controlled chaos is taking a toll on us. Our minds are so overwhelmed with information that we wonder if there is space for us to be happy and present. It is important to let yourself feel happiness – don’t let 2020 beat you up.

Thanks for listening,

Afta Hill

pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi returns with her new single, “fray.” A gorgeous piano-lined ballad steeped in emotion, “fray” examines a relationship that is slowly falling apart or, as Gillian astutely puts it, “fraying at the edges.” Her voice bristles with raw vulnerability as she savors the final moments of the relationship. “I really tried to convey the feeling of when something is just beginning to fall apart, but it hasn’t gone down in flames yet,” she writes. “The song is emotional and raw, but not angry.”

Though just sixteen years old, Boston-native Gillian Heidi demonstrates a musicality wise beyond her years. With powerful, reflective lyrics, rich vocal chops, and clever pop melodies, her songs are relatable but never predictable. She chronicles life’s ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and trials and tribulations with thoughtful clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirring soulful voice.

As it does, music essentially chose Gillian. Rather than waking up crying in her crib, she typically arose from slumber by singing. Inspired by her older brother, she picked up piano at just four-years-old, penning her first composition only a year later. With dad keeping a guitar around the house, she grabbed it at the age of twelve and taught herself how to play. Under the influence of everyone from Taylor Swift to Ella Mai, the teen singer-songwriter dove into assembling what would become her independent debut EP, Unfiltered.

Gillian made her debut with the release of her 2019 EP, Unfiltered and the lead single, “What It Felt Like,” impressively tallied 200K Spotify streams — no small feat for an unsigned artist’s debut. She kicked off 2020 with a slew of new singles, “high,” “static,” and “desperate,” that garnered praise from outlets like Variance Magazine, Stage Right Secrets, and The New Nine. With her debut album, 3AM, on the horizon, Gillian Heidi is quickly claiming her spot as a pop newcomer to watch.

[Photo by Tomoyuki Kawakami]

Japanese creative collective millennium parade has announced their exciting new partnership with iconic sportswear brand Adidas. Not only was the group’s upcoming edgy single “Philip” chosen for a commercial sync in Japan, but their leader Daiki Tsuneta was also selected as a new Adidas Global Ambassador.

Their song “Philip” has a gritty electronic-punk production that provides the perfect soundtrack for the video advertisement, which features Daiki walking through the streets of Japan decked out in Adidas gear for their Alpe/DEPO limited edition “Adidas CASUAL Collection F/W 2020″. WATCH HERE

Emi Jeen is a Montreal-based alt-pop artist noted for her emotionally raw and powerful vocals. Her songs tell a tale: at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful.

The small town girl is releasing her second single “Holy Water” from her upcoming EP named The Other Side coming in late October. It’s the perfect breakup song explaining when a person loves the other more and feels bad to end the relationship. It was the first song she wrote for the upcoming project. Emi met 2 strangers in Toronto for a session, which they had never worked together before and turned out to be the most important single of the EP. It really laid the groundwork to get Emi’s confidence back believing there is a future and seeing there is a light.

I’m a lover, I love to love and I’m a good girl, well most of the time. But, I do have a bad way to end my love relationships… I keep all my emotions inside until it gets to the boiling point, then it explodes. So, I ended my last relationship on the phone while I was on tour and I still feel to this day like a monster to have done this to him. I still feel really bad about it, he was a good guy and didn’t deserve it to end that way. The thing is that I never told him how I felt during the whole time we were together. I accumulated everything, till the point it was too late. Since then, I realized that I can’t keep it all inside, it’s not fair to anyone, especially not to me.

Breathing influence from the harmonies of Imogen Heap and the lyrical vulnerability of Julia Michaels, Amanda Frances is an emerging indie-electropop artist and songwriter hailing from Toronto. Amanda simultaneously embodies elegance and edge, blending together dreamy vocals and almost-a-little-too-honest lyrics. Her debut single, “Palo Santo” was entirely self written and mixed by LA’s Erik Madrid (Khalid, Madison Beer, Lauv.)

Spending the early chapters of her songwriting career learning from some of Nashville’s best, Music City’s distinct lyrical storytelling can be heard in her highly detailed and personal lyrics, for which she has been nominated multiple times by the International Songwriting Competition. Frances’ songwriting chops can currently be heard on singles at both Pop and Country radio alike.

The songstress’ soon to be released catalogue shows a developed artistry, blending the skill of Nashville songwriting with a fresh electropop sound that feels true to what Amanda embodies in spirit, style, and soul.

Photo Credit: Ben Cope

Los Angeles-based rock band, Frankie and The Studs, are unleashing their killer new single/video “(Not Your) Victim.” The new single is out everywhere today via their newly inked deal with Australian label Punktured Media.

To put it simply, Frankie and The Studs rock like hell. They’re a mix of dirty converse, and messy black hair, slender hips and big kohl eyes, sexual tension and youthful verve. Already scoring opening slots for the iconic B-52’s, Billie Joe Armstrong’s The Longshot, and The Struts, Frankie and The Studs are defining rock n’ roll for a whole new generation of kids ready to smash culture to bits.

Frankie Clarke is the effervescent singer, songwriter, and guitarist who fronts the band, and with a prolific family history in the music and fashion industries, it’s hardly a surprise that she has star power coursing through her veins. As the daughter of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, she took her first steps on a tour bus and was playing in a band by the age of eleven. An electric force with a badass stage presence, killer style, and a sophisticated musicality, Frankie is paving the path for a new era of rock chicks.

“’(Not Your) Victim’ is a song inspired by the inherent strength women possess. “Through the challenges of living in a patriarchal society, we can never have enough reminders of our innate superpowers as women,” Frankie writes. “Women supporting women is a powerful force to be reckoned with and this song reminds us to do just that.” Written by Frankie Clarke and Anthony Stasi, and produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios CA, “(Not Your) Victim” makes a strong statement, lyrically and musically.

Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwritercomposer and producer. Her music beautifully blends downtempo electronic beats with organic instrumentation, creating emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Devore’s polished musicianship, modern production techniques and compelling songwriting emanates a maturity and sophistication that spans across downtempo electronic, R&B, neo-soul, jazz and orchestral territories.  Devore has recently been releasing R&B/neo soul singles featuring different R&B singers. A follow up to the success of “Lately” feat. D.Lylez (a top 24 contestant on The Voice season 18) is “Love Again” feat. D’Zhari. It narrates the feeling you get once a relationship ends, the fear of uncertainty for the future and wondering if you’ll ever be able to love someone the same way again. However, instead of the song going through the stages of grief, it jumps to acceptance, focusing on hope and taking a positive outlook. Devore shares, “It’s about finding that closure within yourself, and not from the other person. It’s about finding peace within, and being ready for the next chapter in life.” Featuring velvety vocals from Chicago singer/songwriter D’Zhari, the artist delivers her soulful R&B sound to the song, creating an effortless cascading release. Funky basslines and hypnotic melodies create the backdrop for this jazz-infused, neo-soul track, mesmerizing listeners and transporting them to a dream-like state. 

Devore’s inspiration sparks from a sonic level – the feeling and emotions that certain chords and melodies provoke. Her songwriting is built around the result and impact it will have on the listener. “Lyrically I delve into the darkness and light of love and life”, reveals Devore. With influences partially rooted in the soul, R&B and jazz field, Devore doesn’t allow any limitations to her sound and her music includes elements of a multitude of genres. It’s this genre-blending sound which has allowed the musician to create music without boundaries. She shares, “I hope my music can bridge the gap for fans of all genres and be appealing to a variety of people”.

Self-produced and performing all of the instruments and backing vocals on the track, Devore wishes to encourage other female artists to take a lead in their music, “I’d love to inspire other songwriters and other female multi-instrumentalist/producers. There aren’t many of us out there it seems, so I’d love to inspire more female musicians to self-produce”.

Devore has seen success performing to sold-out venues and festivals across the map, such as Summerfest, CMJ, NXNE, and 80/35. She has had the pleasure of opening for renowned artists including Jamie Cullum, Bonobo and SG Lewis, as well as Raveena, Mother Mother and Yoke Lore. The composer has recently explored more commercial work, scoring for both feature & short films, as well as composing music for podcasts, animation videos, and even a Starbucks ad. One of her original songs, “A Beautiful View” is in the new feature film “Tom of Your Life”.  

As well as her solo project, D’Zhari is a successful touring background vocalist and has performed with artists such as Eryn Allen Kane and Sir the Baptist appearing on Late Night with Seth MeyersWindy City Live, and at Sasquatch Music Festival

“Love Again” is currently available worldwide. 

NADA ROBOT was founded by husband/wife team Addam & Mia Farmer, shortly followed by the addition of brothers Heath & Austin Farmer. Having grown up backstage at Beach Boys concerts, the Farmer brothers gained an affinity for musical innovation at a very early age. Their other band Island Apollo experienced great alternative rock success, and now the Farmer family embarks on a new journey to push the boundaries of music yet again. Mia Farmer lived in Hong Kong performing at various high profile musical productions and brings an emotive voice and powerful presence to NADA ROBOT. The musical collective is greatly influenced by Talking Heads, The Beach Boys, Muse, & Daft Punk.

Their debut single “Got It Good” is a fun, empowering track featuring alt rock guitar riffs, funk basslines and experimental production. The epitome of NADA ROBOT’s sound, “Got It Good” features confident vocals, oozing with attitude and a strong, pulsating rhythm emitting a rousing effect. The single details not compromising on what you want and what you deserve in romantic relationships.

Then there is “December 1999” – a more serious song about the “End of the World” Y2K days. Sonically “December 1999” shimmers with ethereal, layered vocals and move-inducing melodies, creating a delightfully infectious track perfect for those summer playlists.

The two singles are set for release in summer 2020. With more music in the works NADA ROBOT brings their vibrant sound to the masses.

Photo Credit: Elyse Willan

If the pandemic has brought on feelings of nostalgia and the need for a sweet pop song with a bit of sting, Vancouver musician Quinn Pickering’s new track ‘Grapefruit’ is just what you’re looking for! Out today, ‘Grapefruit‘ is the 1st single from Quinn’s new EP Supernova set for release on November 13th via producer Howard Redekopp’s new record label How Weird Sounds.

Full of nostalgic, melancholic longing, ‘Grapefruit’ explores the feeling of trying to shake special memories that over time have turned bittersweet.

“The song is about how memories and emotions can be triggered in the most unexpected of ways,” says Quinn Pickering. “The song had lived in my head for a few years until the faint scent of Grapefruit Rose stepped in and gave me the necessary inspiration to finish the song and close the book on that chapter of my life.”

Quinn Pickering is a young singer-songwriter leading a new generation of artists who are redefining the indie music landscape. At 20, he has spent over half his life playing guitar, writing songs, and releasing albums. Raised in New Westminster, BC, to a musical family of Métis descent, his interest and passion for music and songwriting led to the formation of his first band, World Is History, when he was just nine years old.

Earlier this year, Quinn signed with How Weird Sounds to release Supernovaa five song EP executive produced by Howard Redekopp and produced, mixed and engineered by Stefan Nowarre. Set for release on November 13th, Supernova showcases Quinn’s youthful energy and love of classic songwriting, and puts his voice at the centre of it all. Quinn has shown a remarkable gift for connecting with audiences through his songs, and at just twenty years old, there’s no telling how much more he’s capable of.

‘Grapefruit’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit:

About Carabelle 

“Carabelle is what you get after a toxic relationship ends. One day, they will hear this song and it will hurt. It’s the visual of a heart breaking after spending five years traveling to a different state to make a relationship work out. That feeling of being completely in love and even though there were red flags, you still choose to be with this person. Everyone has a Carabelle. Who was your Carabelle?”

About the new visuals:

Carabelle was directed by Adam Jessamine and Tom Flynn (directed Lamb Of God, All That Remains visuals). The cinematic visuals show the vibrancy of Philadelphia.


Sitting somewhere between arena rock and the classic sound of 1960’s soul singers, Philadelphia based band PHNTMS creates music bursting with vast soundscapes and colliding instrumentation. Together, Alyssa Gambino, Adam Jessamine, Mikal Smith, and Gene Murphy are bringing back rock music while simultaneously putting their own unique stamp on it.

PHNTMS’ highly anticipated six-track self titled EP soaks up the band’s amalgam of influences, ranging from movie soundtracks and bands such as U2, Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon and Deaf Havana, to powerhouse soul singers such as Amy Winehouse.

Inspired by everyday situations, relationships, and growing up, the band aims to create a feeling with which listeners can easily identify. Gambino reveals, “I think as songwriters, we try to capture these moments and make them as detailed as possible. We’ll always be fascinated by the fact we can freeze these moments…”

With half of the band identifying as queer, PHNTMS also hope to reach out to and support the LGBTQA+ community. Drummer Gene Murphy confides, “We openly talk about lesbian relationships in our music and we want to bring hope to anyone who is in the closet and doesn’t feel safe coming out. Whether you are out as queer or not, your identity is valid and if our music helps you escape heteronormativity for a brief moment.”

PHNTMS has seen success having performed opening spots for such acts as Kings of Leon, The 1975, Bastille, Fitz & The Tantrums, Empire of the Sun, Pale Waves, Emarosa, and Half Noise.

Singer-songwriter Lauren Mann is excited to announce to release of ‘Dear Forever’, the 2nd single from her new album Memory & Desire which will be out on October 16th.

A hopeful song about the tough times in a relationship, ‘Dear Forever’, explores the idea of trying to find your way back to the spark that ignited everything at the beginning.

‘Dear Forever’ was written with my producer Josh Rob Gwilliam on an old piano in the studio garage where I recorded my last album,” says Lauren Mann. “It’s a song for those moments in a relationship when you start asking questions and wondering if the future really is forever. We wrote it a few years before my own marriage ended, so in a way it was a bit of a foreshadowing, but it also holds hope that love will be found in one way or another after all is said and done.”

Following the release of her 2016 album DearestlyMemory & Desire reveals a maturity in the evolution of Lauren’s songwriting and musicality. Influenced by the tapestry of music on the Gulf Islands in British Columbia where she has put down ​her ​roots for the last five years, Lauren​ has stayed true to her alt-pop sensibilities while exploring jazzy vocal riffs and bluesy guitar lines. Her oft typecast ukulele has been replaced with a tenor guitar, shifting her sound to something reminiscent of Beth Orton or Carole King.

Lauren Mann’s new single ‘Dear Forever’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide. For more information, please visit:

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