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The seed for “Hatred has a Mother” was planted side of stage as Hoop watched legend Ani Difranco sing her then unreleased song titled Revolutionary Love. Hatred Has a Mother now comes from Hoop as a response, “picking up the baton” as it were. From the moment of its release the track received beaming reviews, including NPR’s All Things Considered who describe it as a “moral call to action.” The release of the new video is just as captivating and artistic as the song itself. Both to be adored. 

 A frequent collaborator with the songwriter, Director and CEO of Filmatics and Executive Creative Director at digital marketing agency Fever Content, Elia Petridis says, “Jesca’s songs are built of striking melodies, moving lyrics, and a unique musical thinking that’s all her own.  Her imagination is boundless, always rewarding, and wonderful to help visualize for fans old and new alike.” Inspired by silent film gags, in the video, Hoops takes on choreographed movement bringing out her physicality and playful side. Vibrant colored landscapes and animations, inspired by the album’s artwork designed by Sophie Darling, pour from the screen as she breaks into multiple characters at a time, each with their own unique look and manner. The song, which reminds us that we are more related than we are alien, remains centre stage, a perfect catalyst, as Hoop directs her attention to the camera with guitar in hand. Hatred Has a Mother joins a long list of top tunes, delivering an antidote for othering and a way out of enemy making… all the while having a downright laugh. Who knew a cure for hatred could be fun? Consider us In. 

Kris Angelis continues her journey of self-love on her new single, “It’s Tumbling Me”.

A prolific songwriter, Angelis is known for introspective storytelling that captures the attention of listeners at every stage of life. Her 2020 EP, “THAT SIREN, HOPE,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, topped Billboard’s Top Current Albums Chart and was on the first-round ballot for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards.  Her single “Run” was added to rotation on SiriusXM The Loft and her recent release, “Win The Game” is already receiving critical acclaim. Her upcoming body of work, “Damn Shame Waste,” is a journey of self-reflection, healing, and above all, hope.

On her new single, “It’s Tumbling Me,” she taps into the hard emotions we experience when we’re in the thick of our “rough or troubled waters.” But rather than sitting in those feelings, she clamors over herself to get back in her power. Ethereal and haunting, the vocal arrangement is the focus of the track, the instrumentation dancing around the steadfast harmonies with unyielding power. Even amid the sometimes-dissonant sonic atmosphere, there’s a sense of grounding, carried by Angelis emotive, powerful voice. It’s a song about being in your feelings and letting them wash over you — if only to get to that place where you’re renewed and healing.

Iconic electronic duo Tritonal has released their new single “Something Beautiful” with Eric Lumiere, the latest offering from their fifth studio album, Coalesce, out September 8th via Enhanced Music. The track creates an atmospheric soundscape punctuated by shimmering textures, head-nodding beats, and laser-guided synth lines accompanied by Eric’s warm vocals as he sings about teetering the line between darkness and light. Coalesce is available now for pre-save at all DSPs HERE


“‘Something Beautiful’ is about striving for truth amidst the scars and stories of our journey,” shares Tritonal. “Everything we experience is pushing us to our original home, regardless of how we judge it based on our habits and conditioning. With the help of Eric Lumiere’s powerful vocals, this track encourages you to trade the pain for the beauty.”

“Something Beautiful” is the eighth and final single from Tritonal’s forthcoming album where the duo formed a narrative that was unified in its purpose from beginning to end and encompasses what they have learned on their musical journey thus far. Coalesce came to life as the duo began to reflect on their experiences together while coming to terms with their connection to creating music, their purpose as artists, and coming home to their real roots and sound.

Emerging pop singer/songwriter Stela Cole has released her anthemic new single “Rhapsody In Pink” via Ultra Records, a glammed-up and gritty track about knowing your self-worth. An audacious pop-come-hiphop interpolation of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue,” the track  spotlights Stela’s creativity and versatility, using stunning and confident vocals over glorious bursts of horns, steady claps, and bass-heavy beats.


“‘Rhapsody In Pink’ is so much more than a song to me. It’s a work of art. It has completely transformed my vision as an artist, and I feel more authentic than ever,” shares Stela. “I wrote the song about knowing your worth, especially as a woman, and I love how it’s fun and playful but also sends the message that I won’t be fucked around with.”

On how the song came to be, she continues, “I have been scheming the song for over five years now. I grew up loving George Gershwin, and his piece ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is one of my favorite compositions of all time. One night back in 2016, I was watching Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and it was playing at the party scene where they first introduced Jay Gatsby. I had just gotten into writing music, and it sparked this insane epiphany. I thought to myself, ‘how has nobody flipped ‘Rhapsody in Blue?!’’ I stored the idea and kept it in my notes for years until 2020 when it went into public domain, but I still wanted to wait for the right energy, and I needed to be the most confident version of myself to pull off the lyrical concept I was envisioning. Flash forward to November 2021, I met producer Alex Veronneau and knew he was my guy. I had gone through a breakup and was feeling like the most empowered, independent version of myself. It was the perfect combination. Alex and I stayed up till 4AM one night writing ‘Rhapsody In Pink’ and it came together effortlessly. I left the studio feeling so complete. I’d finally written my dream song.” 

Global R&B artist Matt B has released his latest single and music video for “Ima Say It” via Vitae Records. Written during the pandemic, the confessional speaks to the importance of open communication with a partner and is accompanied by a neon-lit music video directed by PhillyFlyBoy (The Game, T.I., Kevin Gates, Jacob Latimore). Accompanied by a percussive backdrop of twinkling keys and warbling synths, Matt’s inimitable vocals drive “Ima Say It” as he makes a valiant effort to be open with how he feels instead of bottling up his emotions. 


“It’s always cool to go through your own catalog of unreleased songs and pick a song that still resonates with you and this record felt and still feels so relatable,” shares Matt B on the track. “Being cooped up with the one you love is bound to start turning over some stones. Communication becomes ‘the thing.’ Even as we usher in this post-pandemic world, saying what you want to say may or may not be the best course of action based on circumstances.” 

He continues, “One of the lines that stand out to me in this record is when I sing, ‘Cuz I hold back, I bite my tongue / I don’t feel right after I’m done / Ima say it.’ There are so many things that we grapple with in this life when trying to communicate in what we feel is the right way. At the moment, saying nothing or watering it down might seem like the right thing to do, but then one is filled with regret and doubt for not being fully honest. In the end, maybe it’s best to just get it out even if it means some rocky roads may be encountered afterward. It’s best to go through it in hopes of greener pastures just across the horizon.”

alt-pop iconoclast Layke has released her new EP, Frequency. An ultra-vivid and intensely personal portrait of the strange duality of modern times, the EP showcases Layke’s journey from emotional chaos to unbridled joy as she intimately documents her struggles with anxiety while also celebrating her place in the LGBTQIA+ community. Frequency features the previously released singles XOXO,” “No One Can Stop Us,” and Help Me Out and received early support from the likes of Entertainment Tonight, E!, Wonderland, GLAAD, Ones To Watch, Out Front Magazine, and CelebMix among others.


Delving into the meaning behind the EP, Layke shares, “With Frequency, all are invited to escape to the Layke-verse where you can be you. It’s a place to let stress and inhibitions melt away and you can just be: exist, feel, vibe. Go through whatever motions and emotions you need in a safe space. There are no rules, requirements, or pressure to be perfect. The EP itself is really about finding where you belong and truly can be yourself, feeling love and giving love.”

Co-written with multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and artist Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, The Bodyguard Soundtrack, Transviolet), Frequency embodies a wildly kaleidoscopic sound as it highlights Layke’s left-of-center reimagined pop songs with an edge. Written over the course of the last two years, the 6-track EP offers a safe space for listeners to be their authentic and unapologetic selves as she vulnerably and transparently opens herself up in a way she never has before, seeking to normalize the discussions around mental health and finding acceptance as a pansexual, queer individual. 


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