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Bubbling up out of Arlington, TX, rising rapper AAP Deno unleashes a new single and music video entitled “Wishin” [feat. B-Lovee]. It notably serves as his debut for Epic Records. Listen to “Wishin” HERE and watch the music video HERE

His woozy melodic flow weaves in and out of a piano flurry as the track reimagines Ray J’s 2005 classic “One Wish” with a fresh and fiery spin. He serves up a slick southern flow complemented by B-Lovee’s hard-hitting cameo. The accompanying visual spotlights AAP Deno’s undeniable charisma and explosive energy on screen. 

Earlier this year, he ignited buzz with his independent project, SupaDave. Meanwhile, HipHopSince1987 applauded him as “a unique artist who combines the elements of going hard and creating music that you can bump to, but still focusing on keeping it real and relatable.”

However, it all just paves the way for his incoming next body of work—coming soon.

AAP Deno’s primed for a major breakthrough in 2022. Stay tuned for more!

FALSE HEADS are back with another cut of their patently agitated punk-tinged rock on latest single: “Thick Skin”. 


Produced by Frank Turner and taken from the trio’s long-awaited new album ‘Sick Moon’ —  due 30 September 2022 via Scruff of the Neck Records — the snarling slice of garage-grunge takes aim at the current political climate and the incessant hopelessness and rage that bubbles over on social media.

With biting electric guitar lines, a final fractured drum breakdown and a gritty, yet relentlessly catchy chorus, “Thick Skin” swings from agitated to infectious in a beat. 

Speaking of the new track frontman Luke Griffiths explains: 

“”Thick Skin” is about how much I f****** hate the current political discourse. To me, politics seems to be completely and utterly middle-class from left to right — class has been seemingly removed from a lot of left-wing politics.

It’s also about social media politics. That kind of rage and vitriol is some form of lashing out for mental health problems and it’s like a form of addictive behaviour. I understand this, dealing with depression and having a history of drug abuse, and I understand how difficult it is to not let that rage inside you come out in vicious ways. But I just feel like social media has allowed a million different forms of religion, nationalism and tribalism to be completely normalised. Our brains are rotting and there is no hope, and every time I feel like there is I’m stung again.” 

Queens, New York loungecore beat combo Pleasure Island today finally celebrate the much-bamboozled release of their debut full-length album Let’s (released December 10, 2021). Having navigated successive waves of show cancellations due to Covid and frontman Uncle Dave’s migration south for the winter, the trio have now returned with a video for opening track “Get Ready” as well as a belated LP release party at No Aloha in Brooklyn.

The “Get Ready” video was shot on-location in the Argentine beachtown of Mar Del Plata and produced by local video editor Feche Juárez . Uncle Dave explains; “ Feche and I came up with this little story for the song where I end up late for a date due to excessive grooming/prep time in my hotel. As I rush across town to the date, the video pulls in the sites and sounds of the city (Sea Lions, shells and nostalgic postcards etc) and features as much buffoonery as we could fit.“
Our videos are usually more surreal; it was a fun challenge to make one with a plot this time around.” 

At 21 years old, alternative experimental artist hurt season is already familiar with the concept of evolution. Previously known by the moniker HRT SZN, he feels like the new name and project is a more accurate reflection of himself – someone who is less afraid of criticism and more willing to be authentic. Where HRT SZN conformed, hurt season is breaking out of the box.

hurt season’s new single “darkstar” is out now everywhere and is the first of many new tracks the alt hip-hop artist will be releasing this year. The music video has been featured on HiphopDX.

’darkstar’ is that reminder that even though you don’t see the star you still follow it,” he shares. hurt season’s unique take on the emo-rap genre and the tragic, yet immensely relatable, meaning behind the song creates a unique sound that the listener will return to time and time again.

Music has been a safe space for hurt season since childhood, where his family would cruise around Mexico listening to the smooth electric guitar of Santana. Even now, whenever chaos is ensuing around him, he revisits those memories and collects himself by creating new music to process. Since he was 15, hurt season has utilized songwriting as a way to connect – with himself, with fans, with those close to him.

I’ve always lived by the mantra, The only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves. I was born with Tourette’s Syndrome, and although I had a fear of being limited by my condition, I eventually started to see it a different way in order to power my dreams.

Since my start in 2018, I’ve worked hard to carve out a lane for myself with my modern take on 90’s/2000’s style Hip-Hop. Working with producer Soké, my new project, the Duality: The Life of a Gemini EP will diversify my sound while still maintaining the smooth but intricate flows I’m known for.

With my new release, I really wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be “Exquisite” while also showcasing the fun, positive vibe of the song. The succinct explanation is: Bridgerton meets Project X.

See what I mean when you watch the music video on YouTube.

This is the other side of me that I had to share with my listeners/fans – the other side of my Gemini. There’s always been a duality about me musically where I enjoy old-school Hip-Hop but also love dance music so I decided to put them together!

This is only the beginning. Look out for more music out soon.


Jace Heyman is a UK Pop/ R&B artist whose star is very much on the rise. His new single Star Sign’ is released on July 8th across all download and streaming platforms, and is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Love Under The Influence’, releasing July 15th.

Growing up in Hertfordshire, Jace always knew he was meant to be a performer and he also knew he had to work hard to be the best. His passion for music and dance began when he was just 10 years old- a young lad who maturely chose to study the artists that he admired, instead of playing football in the park with his friends. Consequently, as he hit secondary school, he began to shine; all his hard work at singing, performing and emulating his favourite artists such as – Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Mario, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Ozuna and J Balvin – made him stand out amongst his peers. He says: “I grew up listening to old school R&B where my main influence comes from and I still listen to these artists today, as well as new R&B such as Ella Mai, Drake and The Weeknd.” 

New York singer-songwriter and producer ADE is back with innovative new single: “Opposites”.

Simultaneously evoking the heady pull of a hazy dancefloor and the dull ache of morning-after regret, the subversive dance-pop cut paints an empathetic and exhilarating picture of navigating love, lust and friendship in the algorithmic age. 

Blending buzzing dance rhythms with babbling synths and clean-cut vocals, “Opposites” glimmers with bleary-eyed hedonism and sees the New York City-native amp up the confident cut-and-paste production he deployed on 2021 debut ‘Midnight Pizza’. 

Of the heady new track, Ade explains:

“”Opposites” came about as a dance track experiment. I had a lot of fun making “Another Weekend” from my first record, I wanted to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole and see what else I could find. Once I laid the vocal sample in the chorus, the story felt very clear — what do you do when you’re falling for someone who your friends think is trouble?”

New York City, NY, July 11, 2022: Today, Mass Appeal announces that DJ Premier: Hip Hop 50 Volume 1 – the 1st EP as part of Hip Hop 50: The Soundtrack – will be released on July 15. Produced by the legendary DJ Premier, the 5-track project will celebrate the sounds of one of Hip Hop’s most prolific producers and include all-new, original music from NasLil Wayne, Run The Jewels, Joey Bada$$, Remy Ma, Rapsody and Slick Rick.
“It’s an honor to kick off this iconic Hip Hop 50 music program.  Hip Hop continues to inspire fans across the globe and it’s incredible to think of what the next 50-years will bring” DJ Premier affirmed. 
Announced last year, The Soundtrack will encompass a series of 10 EPs of all newly released music that will bring together the industry’s most highly regarded producers who are defining the culture in celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop. Following DJ Premier’s EP release, fans can look forward to new music curated by Swizz Beatz, Mustard, The-Dream, Mike Will Made It, No I.D., Hit-Boy, Take A Daytrip and Tainy.

the Norwegian dream pop act Marbles have released a summery new jam called “Heading Out”, their first new song following their self-titled debut album from 2020. Hailing from Kolbotn, the black metal capital of Norway, the music of Marbles sounds about as dramatically different from the stereotypical idea you might have of the music this nordic country tends to produce, with a colorful indie pop sound that bridges the gap between washed out guitar-driven dream pop ala Wild Nothing and Jay Som blended with the more upbeat and psychedelic pop of acts like Toro Y Moi and MGMT.

Describing their inspiration behind the song and why they chose it as the first teaser of their new
album, the band said that they hoped to encapsulate in the song the feeling of excitement and anticipation that comes with any time you get a chance to “head out” from the big city to escape
for some R&R; whether that be just a quick bike ride down to the river or a weekend-long camping trip. As they clarify, “It’s not just about the luxury of being able to travel, it’s about finding your own little precious moment amidst your normal day to day situation. Maybe even just in your mind and with your imagination! Being aware of a contrast between your everyday life and what you feel can be – and what you can do. Defining it is up to you.”

Artist, Kristy Chmura, announces the upcoming release of her new EP, Where The Light Gets In, is set to release on September 2nd, 2022Where The Light Gets In includes five distinctive tracks all written by Chmura. Chmura collaborated with artist Jimmy Gnecco of the band OURS, and long-time creative partner and guitarist, Damien Musto as her producers and engineers for this EP. Chmura, Gnecco, and Musto, along with other world class musicians, all perform on the EP sonically creating a unique vibe that pulls you in on an emotional level.

Chmura’s first single, “Leigh,” from Where The Light Gets In will drop on July 8th, 2022 on all digital platforms. “Leigh” portrays Chmura’s own internal struggles with depression, but ultimately realizing you have to look deep within to heal your pain.

In a musical landscape with fewer boundaries than ever before, THE MOSS’s exuberant brand of alternative rock spans genres, eras, and even oceans.

The Utah-via-Hawaii group was born on the shores of Oahu in 2015, as teenage buddies Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar) picked up a gig serenading diners at local taco trucks in between surf sessions. Naturally, their songs took shape in the spirit of the island, imbued with the joyfulness and breeziness of reggae culture yet cut with the introspection and communal spirit of mainland indie acts like Pinegrove and Cage the Elephant.

By 2018, the duo had grown, enlisting Willie Fowler on drums and Addison’s brother Brierton on bass, and traded in beaches for the Great Salt Lake. They hit the stage at spots like local cornerstone Kilby Court, live-testing their modern-indie-meets-’60s-blues with a wide-eyed exuberance that translated effortlessly into their 2019 self-released debut, Bryology

Colored by the sound of Stratocasters jamming through reverb-cranked Fender amps, all backed by bouncy rhythms, Bryology marked a big step for the still-young quartet – but, true to The Moss’s nature, was still hard-coded with a DIY ethos. “We basically had no budget,” James remembers fondly. “We bought some nice mics and an interface and I ended up learning how to mix while we were recording.”

The follow-up, 2021’s Kentucky Derby, brought a more aspirational, blue-sky tilt to the foundation they’d laid on Bryology, expanding the group’s sonic arsenal while keeping the relatable lyrical style and sun-soaked sentiment at the forefront. “I’m really proud of how we’ve evolved as a band over time,” Addison Sharp says. “It feels like we’ve taken every different influence and mashed them all together to create something that feels really special.”

Bryology seemed like a collection of separate songs we put together to make an album, whereas Kentucky Derby is a similar thought and story coming together to collectively make a more cohesive album,” adds Brierton Sharp says, noting the album’s tracks are sneakily arranged in pairs of two that seamlessly flow into one another. “Each song could be listened to on its own, or you could listen to them all and get a broader sense of our intention.”

 Bristol Records is celebrating the recent release of “Can’t Stop Dancin’”, the newest single from Saskatoon-based pop-rock band The Steadies. “Can’t Stop Dancin’” – distributed by The Orchard via CDX Nashville – is new on all digital streaming platforms and is currently on Canadian radio.

“Can’t Stop Dancin’” Streaming Links:

Written by the band, “Can’t Stop Dancin’” is an upbeat feel-good summer song that coasts on catchy, modern pop beats that are fused with quintessential Steadies grooves to bring out good vibes and dance fever in everyone.

Earl Pereira – the band’s frontman – says, “We wanted to do something fun and tell the story of the band as we prepare for a big hometown summertime show. Getting the crowd dancing is a big part of our shows, so this is a summer tune that you can listen to – and dance to – everywhere.”

“Can’t Stop Dancin’” serves as the lead-in single to the band’s new EP, “TRIKETRA: Mind”, which drops on July 29th. Inspired by the Latin word “Triquetra”, which means three interconnected parts, “TRIKETRA: Mind” will be the first of three EPs from The Steadies that will form an entire album. Each EP will have its own distinct theme and tantalizing sampling of standalone tracks. 

Pereira says, “We chose ‘Mind’ as the first chapter of ‘TRIKETRA’ because we wanted to explore the mental and emotional aspects of the human experience, especially the journeys that each of us have been through over the last two years.”

Besides “Can’t Stop Dancin’”, the EP will boast 4 more singles: the love-soaked ska-soul-rock tune “528”, the mental health-focused reggae-dub-rock track “Coming Around”, the heartfelt surf-rock effort “Summer Never Says Goodbye”, and the 2021 pop-reggae jam, “Light Me Up”.

A Juno-nominated, WCMA Award-winning music veteran who opened for The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Alanis Morissette, and The Tragically Hip as a co-founder of the Canadian rock band Wide Mouth Mason, Pereira has guided The Steadies through four albums, international tours, and a record deal with Bristol Records, while persevering through the 2017 passing of bandmate Justin Lee and the COVID-19 pandemic.

With “TRIKETRA: Mind”, The Steadies are poised for an ambitious musical roll-out that will reinforce their love and passion for genuine human connection through different musical themes.

In support of the EP, the band will perform in a number of Western Canadian cities – including Penticton (July 22nd), Victoria (July 24th), Vancouver (July 29th), Calgary (August 4th), Kelowna (July 30th), Fernie (August 6th), and Regina (August 26th).

“Can’t Stop Dancin’” is new on all digital streaming platforms.

mine is the artistic brainchild of songwriter and musician, Mia Schuster. The Fargo, ND native has spent her life exploring physical and mental differences far removed from the town she was raised in. Now studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she’s finally been given the chance to come into her own as an individual and a musician. Her indie-pop style radiates with positivity and freshness, solidifying her as one to watch on the pop music landscape. Her journey to where she is now is reflected in every chord she writes, allowing listeners insight into her creative world.

On her newest single, “H2O,” mine celebrates the process of self-acceptance and the eventual freedom that comes with coming into your own. The synthy melody and warm alto vocals float effortless across a sunrise-like sonic landscape— fresh as a summer breeze. She explores the world she faced as she stepped into her artistic career, constantly being told who to be and how to act, and the brilliant freedom that comes with standing her ground and unapologetically chasing down her own path. Layers of vocals cascade over a dreamy chorus, wrapping listeners in the innate sense of hope and happiness that embodies her journey.

Nearing 100 million career streams Gavin has quietly asserted himself as a pop maverick with a sharp pen and an even sharper voice. His 2019 debut EP Long Game” has over 50M streams and yielded the fan favorite anthem, “The Way I Am” feat. Ella Vos. The 2020 follow-up “Unfolding” EP boasted Tati feat. Yung Pinch, which caught the attention of Blink-182’s Travis Barker, who contributed a scorching remix. “Unfolding” gained over 1-million monthly listeners on Spotify with over 3M streams in the first 2 weeks of release. In its wake, People hailed Gavin among “The Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark on the Musical Landscape”. Gavin has toured with ASHE and just wrapped up a tour with Tate McRae in North America (March 2022).

A 22 year old Gemini with a self-admitted split personality, FERBY hails from Lyttelton, a liberal arts hub in New Zealand. A is a sonic cocktail of exciting proportions, FERBY is tough to slap a genre on.  Think Princess Nokia, Ashnikko, and JunglePussy mixed with a bit of Miley Cyrus’ illicit pop-edged and you’re pretty much there. ‘Bad Vibes In My Teeth’ is only step one – look out for more very soon. 

Larkin Poe – the GRAMMY® Award-nominated duo of Georgia-bred, Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell – have shared “Blood Harmony,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. The smoldering title track from their upcoming sixth studio album is joined by an official music video that premiered today via Guitar WorldBlood Harmony arrives via Larkin Poe’s own Tricki-Woo Records on Friday, November 11. Pre-orders are available now, including limited edition magenta colored vinyl, CD, cassette, and more. 

“‘Blood Harmony’ came together after Megan and our mom and I all read Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being, which is about the ways we perceive the passage of time,” says Rebecca Lovell. “There was just something about the sweetness of all three of us reading the same book, and then being able to talk about how it related to our love for each other and our love for music. Of all the songs I’ve ever written, I’m particularly proud of this one; I cannot wait to sing it loudly with all of our chosen family out on the road.”

Elizabeth M. Drummond releases her sophomore single “Congratulations” today via Young Poet. Delivered with an acid tongue, the song is reflective of the state of mind Drummond found herself in at the time, where life seemed to be playing out in slow motion. The hazy, nonchalant production style employed by Drummond is mournfully intentional on a song where strikingly honest lyrics float above a track that feels both hypnotic and powerful.

Watch the mesmeric video to “Congratulations” here;

Speaking about the song in more detail Drummond said, “Like the rest of the EP, this song is personal. Writing it was just therapy for myself.  As cliché as it sounds, I needed to channel my pain and anger into something that felt intense, but also tongue in cheek. Similarly with my first song ‘Crisis’, I had completely surrendered to how bad I felt and I just put it all into my writing. My favorite lyric from this song is “I don’t care”, because I really reached a point where I just didn’t care anymore“.

Drummond recently released her debut single “Crisis” which The Sunday Times lauded as a  “garage-rock/psychedelia belter” and Jack Saunders said of Drummond, “When an artist comes along out of nowhere and releases a debut single that captures your attention, well, that kind of says a lot“ during a live interview on BBC Radio  1, after branding the song his ‘next wave’. 

CAESAR SPENCER announces the Autumn release of his new album: ‘Get Out Into Yourself’. Primed for release on the 4th November 2022 (via New Radio Records), it will present 11 tracks of cinematic baroque-pop and classical songwriting imbued with a warm feeling of familiarity while also defying easy categorisation.

In anticipation of the release, Caesar is pleased to present its lead single: “Waiting for Sorrow” with an official video, which is available to view now here:


With its lush production and a loquacious lyrical style laid-down by Caesar’s rich, earthy baritone, “Waiting for Sorrow” is a swelling and heartfelt tribute to the acclaimed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett (“Waiting for Godot”) who, like Caesar Spencer, was also a Paris resident for much of his adult life. As in the play, “Waiting for Sorrow” explores the symbiotic (or even solipsistic) nature of relationships. This is a key concept which is further developed throughout the rest of the album. 


From the radio static that welcomes the listener in, to its ricocheting rhythm sections and its soaring guitar break; “Waiting for Sorrow” is at once billowingly epic in its delivery, smoulderingly suave in its stylistics and brightly effervescent in its ambitions. Providing the single with a certain vintage panache, Jacqueline Taïeb, an artist who very much embodies the French yé-yé spirit of the 60s, also offers her inimitable vocals to the recording. 

the acclaimed German nu-disco producer Satin Jackets has released “Different Directions”, featuring the vocals of Belgian singer Ivy Falls. This new single will appear on the forthcoming Satin Jackets double LP Reunion, which will be released in full on August 26th, 2022 via Eskimo Recordings and is available for preorder now. “Different Directions” is a smooth bit of chilled-out, loungey nu-disco pop in the style of groups modern Poolside & Jungle – a perfect soundtrack for cruising out into the rest of your summer. This release of “Different “Directions” follows last month’s lead single “Move On”, which reached #1 in the HYPEM popular chart upon its release and features vocalist and regular Satin
Jackets collaborator Panama on vocals and a slightly more upbeat iteration of the signature Satin Jackets sound that he has honed to a finely tuned science on this third double LP, Reunion.



After teasing on his platforms over the past few months, Rory has released his hotly anticipated debut single, “I WANT YOU BUT YOU’LL NEVER KNOW…” A stunning alt-soul cut featuring brilliant contributions from Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley, the track is an attention -grabbing entry point for Rory, who has spent the past 3 years carefully curating his debut project. Hand selecting and writing/ producing alongside artists that Rory has supported on his successful podcasts over the past years, the project serves as a full circle moment. Take a listen to the track HERE, and listen to Rory explain the concept of his project HERE

Following his beguiling EP ‘II’ released earlier this year, the new cut sees Future Cavemen blend enigmatic riffs with wonky electronics that tingle with electricity and squirm amidst fuzzy reverb and jangling percussion. 

Battle Scars” owes to a range of retro influences whilst simultaneously making a break for the offbeat allure of the future. 

Written in a 1970s block of flats hemmed in by Clissold Park on one side and continuous building works on the other, Future Cavemen explains of the track’s inception:

“Recording new ideas was tricky because there were only small windows of time to make noise without disturbing neighbours or having my efforts swallowed by relentless engine noise. I was getting into mangling electronic stock beats and making them my own. Taking something pristine, tame, pretty lifeless .. And making it raw and energetic, violent.”

With words that are just as intriguing as its melodies, “Battle Scars” comes as further evidence of the solo artist taking steps beyond his comfort zone and exploring ways of writing and music-making that go far beyond the norm. He adds:

“Lyrics just seem to happen like a subconscious brainstorm. In that sense, the song sort of writes itself. Bukowksi once said: ‘Don’t try. Not for Cadillacs, creation or immortality.’ I find this comforting.”

Earlier this year, multi-disciplinary recording artist KROY teamed up with The PHI Centre in Montreal to turn her music into a live performance art piece entitled ANIMACHINADuring this residency, Jonathon Anderson at the Creative School of Ryerson University programmed three robot arms to play music and mirror KROY’s movements, to tell a communal story that blurs the line between man and machine and what interpersonal connection looks like in the modern world. Today, KROY releases a seven-part video series for ANIMACHINA.

Theo Tams has reached the stature of a bona fide music veteran by now, but he’s also at the beginning of something new. 

The Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer has been playing since his teens and releasing music for the past 15 years. He has three albums and three EPs to his credit, along with a formidable collection of singles and…oh yeah, that championship run on the sixth season of Canadian Idol in 2008. Tams has put together a body of work that’s substantial and diverse. It speaks of an artist whose mission is growth and adventure — building upon his proverbial laurels, rather than sitting on them. 

With each step, Tams has made a stride forward, and sometimes even further. That’s certainly been true of the past few years, particularly with the series of three-song Trilogy EPs he’s embarked on, with the third just arriving and taking him into even more new sonic and lyrical terrain. 

“I think I’ve just gotten a lot more unapologetic in the process,” Tams, who lives in Toronto with his partner and their 11-year-old daughter, explains. “The biggest thing I notice when I listen back to the music that I’ve released before is I had no clue who I was or what I stood for. I really was just trying to check the boxes of what I thought made an artist, realizing that by doing that I wasn’t checking any of them. I was living up to this veneer, this shiny, perfect kind of image I felt like I created, and I don’t think that’s life. Life is messy and it’s hard, no matter who you are or where you’re from or what your background is.

“That’s what my music needed to reflect for me to really feel like an artist. So my whole new approach in music has been an exercise of saying ‘yes’ and allowing myself to do whatever I think is right.”

Blistering with an unshakeable sense of claustrophobia, “Holiday In My Head” is the scorching new single from THE VELVET HANDS.

Arriving with a playful new video made by Callum Scott Dyson of CSD Videography, it sees animated imagery and blasts of fuzzy static nod to the band’s DIY sensibilities. Reminiscent of a cut-and-paste punk zine plucked straight from the 1970s, the video sees two floating heads and hand-drawn, cataclysmic visuals put to music as The Velvet Hands deliver a broiling barrage of live-ready rock riffs. Watch the official video here:

A furious yet festival-ready anthem that swings from pent-up frustration to feel-good in a beat, of “Holiday In My Head” guitarist Dan explains:

“It’s based on our own experience of the doldrums of being skint, working your arse off to be able to afford a postage stamp sized flat, only to have to shave in the kitchen sink because the landlord won’t fix the one in the bathroom. Take that and then put it in lockdown, it felt like the walls were closing in  — very claustrophobic. You can’t escape to anywhere apart from your own daydreams. The song is an anthem of escapism in the modern era”.

Captivating audiences with her soaring voice, genre defying sound and honest words, Emily Jean Flack is an emerging artist on the Canadian music scene.

Goldie” is about throwing caution to the wind and being yourself. Inspired by Goldie Hawn’s boldness, her aptly titled forthcoming single is made for dancing.

Stream + share “Goldie,” a spirited summer road trip tune, now:

On her forthcoming project produced by Family of Things, listeners will hear more 80’s synth vibes, rich harmonies and guttural rhythms. Still, at the heart of her music are her Celtic roots and love for true melodies. The songs talk of love gained, love lost and a coming of age.

“Dylan writes with no filter, just these great big searingly honest songs, shot through with such poetic beauty, delivered by such gorgeous melodies, you can’t resist being taken along with him” – Matt Owens, Noah and the Whale

London singer-songwriter Dylan James shows his talent for invoking powerful emotions on his debut single, ‘Let’s Talk,’ produced by Matt Owens (Noah and the Whale).

If you haven’t heard of Dylan James before, don’t worry – you’re not alone. While rarely doing interviews or performing live, the singer-songwriter has developed a hushed cult following through his rare home demos. Fans know him for his gift to tell stories that bring out strong, genuine emotion. After half a decade, James is finally ready to share this gift with larger audiences, starting with ‘Let’s Talk’, a single that is sure to leave you deep in thought. 

“In two simple words “Let’s Talk” summed up my frozen tongue,” says Dylan on the new single. “I couldn’t talk about my feelings, I didn’t know where to start. I would just dig myself another hole hoping it would all go away.” 

To combat this Dylan uses his songwriting to open up about the challenges of intimacy, expressing how difficult it is to find happiness while hiding your true feelings. ‘Let’s Talk’ takes listeners on a journey of Dylan’s self-discovery as he grapples with bringing suppressed emotions to the surface. His lyrics, delivered with a signature cracked baritone are matched beautifully by the folksy, melancholic acoustic guitar rhythm and soft but bright drums throughout.  

And don’t miss the powerful accompanying video, directed by Qapla4 films. “Such a special lyric and beautiful song needed a human story, with a poignant message” says the director. “It’s about the interplay between four people, who have so much to say to each other but all stop just short of doing so, much to the detriment of each individual relationship.” 

Lauren Monroe – singer, songwriter, and healing artist – announces a September tour in support of Messages from Aphrodite with the premiere of a new video, “Sparrow.” This is the latest offering from the upcoming album, due out September 9th, which Monroe co-produced with the legendary Jim Scott. WATCH HERE.

Monroe, a New York-born, California-based polymath, conducts parallel careers as a gifted singer-songwriter and a renowned mental-health advocate. She approaches these intertwined roles with equal passion, her nuanced understanding of human behavior informing her music, which she sees as “a heart-based experience” that is “not just about listening—it’s about feeling and connecting.” She draws on her deep well of accrued knowledge in her songs, which she delivers in a luminous alto that resonates with empathy. Her experiential lyrics, emotionally authentic and free of pretense, are embedded in vibrant folk-rock settings, immediate in their impact and timeless in their sound.


Socials: @neillfrazer

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