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INsiders Guide: MK xyz, Cinzia & The Eclipse, Raquel Lily, Alexandra Lost, Olivia Lunny, TOM BOY, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, CAPPA, Loud Forest, Jennifer Denali, Mathew V, Reo Cragun, Big Narstie and R.A, Mikoh, Roman Rouge, Anjulie, Frida Sundemo…

With over 57K listens on SoundCloud this fan favorite hit is certain to become a new addition to your playlist.  In the video snippet for “Lost,” MK xyz, who directed the clip, engages seductively with her female lead. “I said, ‘Just get lost with me in front of the camera,” she recalls how she directed while on set. The visuals in the video are not only intoxicating, but empowering. Of the feedback she receives from her fanbase about being an independent, queer woman, MK says, “They’ll be like, ‘I’m in my feelings. Why is this? You’ve got me in my feelings.’” A huge smile forms on MK’s face as she adds, “I’m like, ‘I’m supposed to.”

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Don’t Call Me Up” came to be after an ex messaged me with an old memory of us. We both knew whatever we had was done. He moved on, but I’d be lying if I said I did at that time.

In my annoyance over the lack of control I had over the situation, I wrote the song’s first line: Don’t call me up if you’re not in love with me anymore.

Listen to “Don’t Call Me Up” wherever you get your music now!

I worked with producer Lucas Liberatore on “Don’t Call Me Up,” an experience that made our connection even stronger after having worked on a handful of songs together previously. I wanted the production to be vulnerable yet strong, embodying that moment of fulfillment when you put your foot down and make the tough decision to think of yourself over anyone else. This song was ignited by anger and sadness, but it captures a little bit of a boss moment through the strength at its core. “Don’t Call Me Up” is telling yourself that you’re going to be stronger than your sadness and be able to overcome it.

In any situation, I think that we need to have a better understanding of ourselves to be able to know what’s harming us, when to let it go, and when to move on.

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I want you to have enough courage to let go, step into the unknown, and forget about the fear of it.

Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Raquel Lily is an independent singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and online personality. She streams music performance and a variety of content, including live vlogging (IRL Streaming), Just Chatting, Social Eating, gaming and cooking on Twitch. Graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Raquel left the medical field and dove head first into her creative pursuit in music and began online streaming in 2017.

Her upcoming debut, full-length concept album, I’m Leaving, features eight songs, narrating a coming of age story about someone going through their 20’s. Raquel confides, “Everyone’s been broken from something. You smoke some weed, you fall in love, they turn out to be a fuckboy, you’re with someone shitty, you break up, you ghost them, you still love them, you resign, you meet someone new and there’s hope again.” Title track “I’m Leaving” is an honest and relatable track for anyone who’s ever walked away from a toxic situation. Exuding a chilled, somber atmosphere while maintaining an upbeat rhythm, “I’m Leaving” emits a heavy sense of nostalgia. The single oozes with emotion, showcasing Raquel Lily’s impressive vocal abilities; with a dose of Latin percussion, the soulful groove-fueled release comes alive. 

Raquel confesses how her songwriting is a cathartic, emotional purge. With the simple objective to guide listeners through an impassioned ride, her songs are driven by genuine experiences from an introspective and honest place. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston and old school R&B, Raquel wanted to capture a similar essence of synth-heavy, soul soaked music. Her love for old soul groups and classics, including Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, also shines brightly throughout her music.

Hailing from Québec, Alexandra Lost is the brainchild of veteran songwriter Jane Ehrhardt and composer/producer Simon Paradis. It was formed as a vehicle for expressing their love of classic pop arrangements, vintage synthesizers and well-crafted songs. After releasing two critically acclaimed singles, Alexandra Lost played some of Québec’s finest indie festivals, where their vibrant live show was described as “imposing” and “magnetic”. 2020 will see the band release their first full-length album with Pantoum Records.

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Credit: Lane Dorsey

“Bedsheets” feels like a diary entry to me. The song came together spontaneously at 1am during a night spent at the studio with AJ Healey this past December, hibernating as we worked on a full project to be released in the near future.

I shared an initial voice memo with AJ that sparked the concept for this song, which included the lines, “Cigarette inside your hand, wish you would hold me like that.” 

After chatting about past “situationships,” we stumbled on the idea of feeling closeness with somebody while also feeling so emotionally distant from them. 

This track is about longing for connection and the tough but necessary decision to let something go. “Bedsheets” evokes a bittersweet feeling. Letting things go can hurt, but it can also bring about beauty and growth. 

Olivia Lunny




Long Way Home” is a re-work of a song I wrote titled “Sleeping Pill” during a period of depression caused by separation from my family.
The guilt affected me, and I turned to sleeping pills. I would have vivid dreams about my mom chiding me for being away for so long, and of members of my family disowning me. It even got so bad to where I’d dream about my brothers and sisters dying in horrible car accidents before I could tell them how much they meant to me.
After having taken some time away from the original song, and hearing it during a particularly awful day of isolation, we knew that it was more relevant now than ever. “Long Way Home” rings true with what a lot of people are learning in these chaotic times, that we don’t need to be physically together to feel each other’s presence.
Isolation is just an idea. We are connected no matter what forces may persuade us that this isn’t the case. Now I’m dreaming about returning home to a family holding balloons and welcome signs. Perhaps it is a time of returning to one’s roots. I hope this song will be a celebration of that.

You can listen to “Long Way Home,” now available on all STREAMING SERVICES.

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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is a Canadian singer and songwriter based in Calgary, AB. He’s built his career as a touring artist, performing festivals, theatres and venues across North America and Europe.

Photo Credit: Julia Cox

Electro-pop favorite CAPPA is releasing the official music video for her new single, “There With You Baby.” Directed by Joe DeSantis, the video revels in vibrant nostalgia, featuring hypnotic, grainy footage of CAPPA streaming on retro TV sets.

CAPPA, aka Carla Cappa, has a knack for crafting carefree yet clever electro-pop tracks. Since her 2015 breakout, “Hush,” which premiered on SPIN and was later featured in a Victoria Secret ad, CAPPA has continued to pump out a bevy of delightful pop singles. Her music has been championed by key tastemakers like NYLON, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly and Billboard, and has also been featured in hit TV shows like Riverdale, Alone Together, Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce, and The Bold Type, just to name a few.

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, CAPPA first landed in Nashville and quickly became synonymous with the city’s growing pop scene. After moving to Los Angeles a few years back, CAPPA has continued to establish herself as a go-to songwriter and has collaborated on tracks for major electronic artists like SNBRN, TELYKast, and Justin Caruso. In 2019 her sought-after vocals led her to create an exclusive vocal pack for SPLICE. After taking the past year to arm herself with an arsenal of new original pop gems, CAPPA is now gearing up to release a new EP in early Summer 2020.

Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo that create pop/rock music imbued with love and artisanship. Theirs is an enviable creative relationship built around making more of themselves and the world through collaboration. The band started while Bernard was earning his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. It was a way for rock to fuse into art and art to fuse into rock. This became the exact intention of their music going forward. The band’s incorporation of pop sensibilities, ethereal vocals, insightful lyrics and rock undertones give them a sound that is unique, fun and sure to keep you grooving. 

“Costa Rica” is a story about the moment Bernard and Rachel met and how they instantly connected to something magical happening in the universe. Bernard shares, “I was in the jungle digging some stairs down to a waterfall, then up walks this cute 17 year old girl in ripped up jeans out of nowhere. She was there to visit for a couple of days, she sang and played guitar (blackbird by The Beatles). It obviously made an impression on me.” The track highlights descriptive lyrics of their love story, accompanied by bright melodies, and tropical soundscapes reminiscent of the jungle.

Their summer single Heartbreak Away, released in July 2019, was featured on Apple Music’s Breaking Alternative and Alt Pop playlists. They are currently working to release their third full length album, coming soon. 

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The child of an Irish father and Puerto Rican mother, Jennifer had an eclectic introduction to music. As a young teen she was discovered and signed to a development deal with music biz veteran Mike Mason (Mariah Carey, Tevin Campbell). However, Jennifer’s promising start in music was cut short when she found herself in a toxic cycle of self-medicating from depression. It’s been a profound restart for Jennifer, and she now can embrace her gifts through confidence and self-love. Jennifer’s upcoming music has a narrative flow from black hole emptiness to breaking through into the light.

In addition to her blossoming music career, Jennifer’s swagger also has attracted an elite cadre of modeling clients. She’s been featured in campaigns for Sean Combs, 50 Cent, and for brands like Deleon Tequila, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, and Effen Vodka, among others. Currently, Jennifer is signed with State Management for Fit Modeling Division.

I wanted to allow myself to go as poppy as my heart desired my new track, “Don’t Let Me Go.”

I had always reigned things in, as I thought I couldn’t do pop music, but I wanted to erase those predispositions.

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Don’t Let Me Go” is a song written to make you feel badass and powerful in your own identity.

Listen to “Don’t Let Me Go” HERE!

This song was meant to be released during Pride season. It finds me pushing myself musically and visually, allowing myself to be as bold as I want to be without second-guessing how other people will judge me.

I hope that you feel accepted and welcome to celebrate as you listen to “Don’t Let Me Go,” exactly as you are.

Mathew V

Returning with no time to rest, May 8th Reo Cragun released Cuss You Out featuring Jumpa & Press Start. Cragun truly established himself as an artist while on tour with multi-award-winning artists such as Billie Ellish, Flume, and Lil Yachty. Building an untouchable empire with his new partnership with BMG. With over 50 million streams across all platforms, a 95k social media following and his flawless musicianship he caught the eye of even Huffington Post, saying “He carries a sultry flavored powerful vibe.” Be the first to speak with Reo about his new partnership with BMG, his May 1st single release, hit single “Grown Men Don’t Cry”, and his experience during the past 60 day tour with Flume.


He has always made it his mission for his music to make a statement. His first single, Grown Men Don’t Cry released on April 3rd has streamed over millions. It spewed out his emotions dealing with heartbreak. Cuss You Out is a more up-tempo track that invites fans to join in the celebration as Cragun finally cuts ties with his ex lover and moves on from the relationship.

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Taking no prisoners on the new collaboration, Big Narstie and R.A take it to the streets and bring the fire for new joint ‘Nik Nak’.


Both steeped in a legacy of the grime scene, Big Narstie and RA have seen many a site on their individual come ups. Both hailing from Brixton, Big Narstie has become a much-loved British icon bagging himself his own Channel 4 TV show, whilst R.A came from the infamous Roadside G’s crew and has carved out an impressive musical career seeing him working with the likes of Fredo, Rapman, Krept & Konan and AM & Skengdo. Taking on a nostalgic stance, the pair go back in time as they recall how simple life used to be, whilst also reminding us of some of the moments from our childhood.

Following on from a slew of recent music, including ‘Smooth Criminal’ with label mate Still Greedy, Big Narstie has delved back into his signature street style of raw raps and witty lyricism that initially found him his fame and has been much loved by his fans, new and old. R.A comes to the table on the back of his 2020 album release ‘Jim Brown’ which was dubbed as one of the best albums to come out of the UK music scene this year. R.A’s gruff style and weighty hood raps come through in abundance for ‘Nik Nak’ as he peppers the riddim with scattergun precision.

With the video released on GRM Daily, Big Narstie and RA take us back visually and lyrically to the days of Channel U. Hitting the streets with a simple hood vid, reminding us of years gone by and delivering those nostalgic flows, Nik Nak is a stark reminder of how far the scene and the artists within it have come.

Photographer: Pierpaolo Maso

At first, my new song, “Do You Hear Me Now?” was inspired by someone being far away, gone for a while. It sparked an interest in writing a song about reaching out.

I quickly turned this track into an introspective song about not acting like yourself, and not in a good way. “Do You Hear Me Now?” is about putting yourself in situations where you don’t belong, and acting like someone you don’t recognize. Listen now on your preferred streaming platform.

This single was self-produced, then mixed, mastered, and recorded with Anthony Jordan (Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, Pressa) at his Toronto home studio.

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Do You Hear Me Now?” distils a conversation between two sides of yourself, the good to the bad questioning your own behaviour. Although this song could be about longing for someone, it is also a call to yourself.

I want you to recognize when you aren’t being true to yourself and playing games that are detrimental to you.



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Roman Rouge is a R&B pop singer/songwriter from El Paso, Texas. Born with music running through his veins, the musician was exposed to the industry from a young age and never looked back. Despite various struggles which he faced throughout his childhood, including his single mother trying to make ends meet, Roman took every obstacle in his stride, ultimately building his character and making him who he is today. Through every failure came strength and eventually the hardships paid off.

The passionate and driven artist now not afraid of anything that may come his way, is ready for the next step of his journey. Inspired by personal events and poignant moments in life, the singer confides, “The message in my music overall is always relatable, something you’ve been through can and always affect the decisions you make in the future. My songs are linked to each other, I like to convey a story and be as honest and forthcoming as I can”.  

Influenced by the likes of Majid Jordan and The Weeknd, Roman is following a similar path to creating music bursting with personality, whilst encouraging others to be their most authentic selves. Roman reveals, “The main theme of my music is to be aware of why you are who you are, and how you can let your past experiences define you, learn from your mistakes, move on and be better”. Roman continues to deliver audiences with his unique and fresh combination of moody and sweet tones, emphasizing the contrast between light and dark.

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Anjulie is an Indo Guyanese platinum selling Juno award winning recording artist from Toronto. She’s written songs for artists like Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj and collaborated with artists like KSHMR and Natalia Lafourcade. She’s written for VICE and the Canadian Women’s Foundation and UN Women. Her cross platform streams are in the hundreds of millions with collabs and in the tens of millions for her independent singles. “FUYL” is the first single off her new album.

Swedish artist and actress Frida Sundemo has released her stunning new EP, Sounds In My Head. Listen to the full EP everywhere here, out now via Cosmos Music.

A cohesive collection of bold synth-pop tracks touching on themes of longing, fear, guilt, love and sadness, Frida’s approach to music and songwriting has become less studio-focused and more internal over the past year as she’s been studying in medical school and even spent time this spring helping the COVID-19 effort in Sweden. As Frida describes, “Sounds In My Head is about just that. Ideas and feelings inside of me translated into music.”

Alongside the EP comes new focus track “Backbone,” an emotive, mid-tempo song exploring “that feeling when it suddenly hits you that you hurt someone you love. That mixed feeling of guilt, regret and endless love.” Rounding out the EP is “Backlashing,” which Frida says is about “failing time after time and fooling yourself that you’ll succeed next time. I guess that naivety is the reason you’re able to pick yourself up and try again. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time.”

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Previous single “Anything” was released this March, an anthem of hope and resilience which Popdust called, “Shimmering, atmospheric electro-pop.” This followed late 2019 singles “Nothing Can Hurt Me” and “Gazelles,” songs which highlight Frida’s sonic range, with “Nothing Can Hurt Me” showcasing a driving electro-pop beat set against soothing undertones, while “Gazelles” is a soft yet powerful ballad about being “overwhelmed by the beauty of the unknown.”

Sounds In My Head marks Sundemo’s return to music since her 2017 debut international album, Flashbacks & Futures, which was met with critical praise. Billboard proclaimed it highlighted Sundemo’s “penchant for icy, ornate synth pop,” whilst EARMILK coined Sundemo an ‘Artist to Watch,’ describing her music as “expansive, yet intimate, compositions.” V Magazine called her song “Gold” a “cinematic piece of swirling synths.” Inspired by the freedom and beauty of space, Sundemo described the album to Billboard as “‘cinematic electronic pop’ where big epic soundscapes meet tiny fragile elements.”

Kyd The Band (aka Devin Guisande) continues to impress with his spellbinding Season 2: Character Development EP, out today to buy and stream via Sony Music Germany / Four Music / Insanity Records (UK). The 6 track collection immediately follows “Heartbreak Anthem” – his collaboration with gnash which landed on over 15 New Music Friday playlists including Spotify’s NMF US – and also includes the final single “Hard Feelings” – LISTEN HERE.

Season 2: Character Development EP follows on from Kyd The Band’s debut EP Season 1: The Intro. With each Season, Devin reveals more of himself as he becomes confident to delve deep into his tumultuous past from a socially isolated childhood, to leaving his home and family; overcoming a drug overdose to then finally finding solace in music and healthy relationships. The artist to watch hopes that his music creates an intimate connection with his audience. “With everything I write, I try to write directly from my life and what’s in my heart,” says Guisande. “I’d love for my music to reach all the kids like me, who are maybe questioning what they were raised to believe or feel like they haven’t found where they belong just yet. I hope those kinds of people hear what I have to say, and see a bit of their own story in my songs.”

The music of Nashville-based artist Kyd the Band is an ideal soundtrack to finding your place in an often-chaotic world. On the EP, Devin explains: “The content of Season 2: Character Development is really part two of my childhood and adolescence. These are the first results of taking that kid and all his influencing factors (environment, upbringing, people, etc) from Season 1 and letting him be on his own for the first time.”


  1. Human
  2. Easy (with Elley Duhe)
  3. This Time Last Year
  4. Dark Thoughts
  5. Heartbreak Anthem (with gnash)
  6. Hard Feelings

At the top of the year, Kyd the Band supported NF and Lennon Stella on their huge international tours in addition to his own sold out hometown show. Three years on the scene, he’s also gained support from MTV’s TRL / Fresh Out host Kevan Kenney as well as the likes of American Songwriter, Clash, Culture Collide, Earmilk, Flaunt, Forbes, House Of Solo, Noctis Magazine, Ones To Watch, and more. A deft songwriter, Devin has penned tracks for artists as eclectic as hip-hop legends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and German DJ Robin Schulz as well as gnash, NF, and ROZES. Channeling his experiences and lessons learned into his work, Kyd the Band’s music radiates a hard-won positivity that inspires anyone to live more boldly.

Born into a Filipino/Spanish family closely involved with the Pentecostal Church, Guisande got his start playing drums at the age of ten and later took up piano and guitar. At age 16 he co-founded a band with his guitar-playing brother Kyle and began writing songs of his own, relying almost entirely on instinct rather than mining influence from other artists (“I didn’t even know who Kanye West was till I was 18,” notes Guisande, who was forbidden to watch movies or listen to secular music). Over the next few years, Guisande experienced a life-changing transformation as he left the church he was raised in and moved away from home. “I’d thought I was going to be a preacher when I got older, but I started questioning everything and just completely changed the whole trajectory of my life,” he says.

With a batch of self-recorded songs under his belt, Guisande headed to Los Angeles at age 19 and fully devoted himself to pushing forward with his music career. But while his non-stop hustle scored him meetings with a number of industry heavyweights, he felt increasingly disillusioned by the L.A. scene and decamped to Nashville in 2013. When his brother followed him to Tennessee a year later, the two resumed the musical partnership they’d formed as teenagers. Too broke to afford beds, the siblings shared an apartment and slept on the floor, working full-time jobs all day and spending every night writing songs. Against the odds, the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter clocked in +40 hours a week while working on music each hour he had left to spare.

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After suffering a series of false starts, the duo linked up with DJ/producer and frequent Scott Storch collaborator Avedon, who enlisted their songwriting talents for the 2017 comeback album from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It was his time in the studio as a songwriter that shaped his now solo career and gave way for his first support slot on tour with NF under the Kyd the Band moniker. Fast forward 2 years, Kyd the Band’s debut single “American Dreamer” has amassed over 3 million streams independently while his slew of major label releases (sans Kyle who left the band amicably in 2017) landed him on playlists like Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’ and ‘The A-List: Pop’ numerous times. Racking up over 11 million collective streams, the 2019 single “Easy” was one of the most played tracks on German radio that year and landed Kyd the Band on the cover of Spotify’s official ‘Swag’ playlist.

Kyd the Band isn’t tied to one genre – the message behind his lyrics is what he hopes fans can learn from or relate to. It’s no surprise his collection thus far has fans drawing comparisons to Twenty One Pilots or The Neighborhood. “This next wave of music is definitely less indie leaning, but I’d argue that no matter what Kyd the Band song comes out you’re always going to hear a consistent thread in the lyrics and in the grittiness of the music. I think artists should have the right to evolve, and that they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to evolve.” Offering a sound that is fresh, unique, and compelling, Kyd the Band is guaranteed to elicit excitement and enthusiasm across a diverse array of audiences.

Photos by Philippe Thibault | Edited by Michael Laviolette

Devotion” feels like a classic 90s R&B/Pop track with a modern twist. It’s a love song that speaks to our personal love and also to that feeling of infatuation, that punch in the chest when you fall in love at first sight. 

“Devotion” (feat. Mike Clay) is now available on all streaming platforms.

Inspiration came from the song “No One’s Gonna Love You” by The S.O.S. Band. We started out with a groovy bass line and drew the feel-good vibe from that. Then, we brought the skeleton of the track to Montreal producer Lucas Liberatore, giving him carte blanche over it. 

The name Flara K is an homage to travel and literature. Flara is derived from St. Florian’s Gate in Krakow where we got engaged while adventuring through Poland in 2014. K pays respect to our favorite authors and stories, Franz Kafka (several of the main characters in his novels are referred to simply as K.) and to Kurt Vonnegut. 

Thank you for listening!

Flara K 

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LA-based pop and rap artist, Demie Cao has made her official U.S debut with her first single “Yung” with an accompanying music video.

Inspired by her journey from adolescence to adulthood, “Yung” is a nod to when Demie used to release K-Pop covers on YouTube and performed as an opener for Korean hip-hop artists such as BeWhy, Giriboy, G2, Loopy and Swings. The melancholic anthem expresses the rollercoaster of emotions that come with growing up and having to face the fact that adulthood is right around the corner. “Yung” is produced by 5A Label’s own Edward Shin, known for his work with Amber Liu, B.A.P, and Justin Park. Later this year, her fans can anticipate the release of her EP, Airplane Mode, which will include “Yung” along with four unreleased tracks and two bonus tracks.

Demie Cao, a.k.a “Demie the Destroyer,” is a Chinese-American singer and rap artist who made her official debut in China with her single, “NIGHT VISION” which landed on Billboard Asia’s 2019 “Best of Rap: URBAN ASIA Vol. 2.” In 2014, Demie officially signed with 5A LABEL, having worked with them as a trainee all the way through her official debut.

Demie has written music for other Chinese and Korean artists with MRMG (Mister Rocks Music Group) and released a Korean track “CHUNGDAM MODELS” in 2017 featuring Ace Hashimoto and Rekstizzy. She has also appeared in promos for 88 Rising, CJNEM, KCON, and has danced in music videos for Lydia Paek (YG Entertainment) and Sik-K (AOMG).

French Vanilla” is a sexy song by nature, with a Latin taste, open for passion and exploration. Indulge in “French Vanilla” on your preferred platform now. I was inspired by the double entendre between craving someone and sweets, coffee and other delicious elements. A memory reminding you how good it would feel to try it again, like an addiction.

Since coming to Canada, I’ve developed a love for (Tim Hortons) French Vanilla coffee. Every song from my first EP due this summer has a special game word where you can picture everything that is happening there, but the magical part is that this word is subjective. For this one, my word is cream — you figure it out.

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I look forward to showing you more!

☕️ JACE Carrillo

VALE is a fiercely talented vocalist and songwriter from Barranquilla, Colombia. Drawn to music at an early age, VALE began performing when she was just 6 years old in her school choir. By her early teens, she had found inspiration in American pop and R&B music, and began writing songs of her own. Influenced by some of her idols, VALE started to forge her own unique voice and point of view on the genre. Now at 17, VALE has spent time writing and recording in Los Angeles and Barranquilla, assembling her debut collection of singles to be released throughout the year. Produced by Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jaden Smith), VALE’s debut single, “be somebody,” is out now. The commanding yet introspective track is an ode to self-confidence that finds VALE coming into her own as a pop artist. VALE’s infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and standout vocals are bound to win fans from all around the world, establishing VALE as the leader in a new generation of Colombian pop artists.

Following the release of their huge new single “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?”, rising Manchester band Larkins unleash a viral, fan-based video that taps into quarantine culture as well as the growing excitement around them. In just the few weeks it’s been out, “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?” – co-written and produced by Dan Nigro (Finneas, Conan Gray) and mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Childish Gambino) – has seen the band’s profile rise further, with support flying in from both the UK and the USA.

A candid look into the bedrooms of 100 of their fans, the video also features cameos from members of The Wombats and Circa Waves plus TikTok stars Isacc FrostLaura Whelan and Max Loveridge. Their focus on their relationship with their fans and their wellbeing is making them stand further out, with a new website launched to help fans voice their feelings and worries during the current uncertain times already attracting hundreds of responses.

An exciting reputation is already being formed with Larkins: their arena-scale blend of anthemic, synth-laden alt-pop reverberating with a growing number of kids with each subsequent release, the band have accumulated millions of streams – their two offerings for 2019, the ‘TV Dream’ EP and the ‘Not Enough Love’ single amassing 5M streams alone with a 30-date headline tour and 4,000 tickets sold.

Now named in the NME 100 For 2020 at the start of the year, and already drawing critical attention from tastemakers including The Line Of Best FitDorkClashEarmilk, and Billboard as well as Zane Lowe and Travis Mills at Beats 1, Annie Mac and Jack Saunders at Radio 1. In the US, support is growing fast across Alt Nation and KROQ – it feels like Larkins are a force of nature continuing to attempt to infiltrate the mainstream.

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Crafting music that’s huge, layered and mixing the kind of natural melody and new generation fan hype that will conjure relevant comparisons to the likes of Yungblud, Haim, and The 1975, Larkins are ready to be the next big band out of the UK.

Meet teen country-pop singer-songwriter, Chyenne (pronounced Shy-Ann) May. She is thrilled to release her new single “Girl I’m Gunna Be” that is out now, along with her music video, featured on Teen Music Insider

Chyenne says, “I wanted to write a song that would bring encouragement and self-empowerment to other girls. No one should have to feel they have to be someone they aren’t or that they need to change who they are to be accepted. It is a fun uplifting song, both lyrically and melodically; I hope the words are relatable and meaningful. At my age I feel no one really knows who they are yet, it is easy to get put in a stereotype and it is hard to get out of.  “Girl I’m Gunna Be” is about unapologetically being who you want to be, holding your head up high and not being knocked down.”

Chyenne May, displays a soulful depth in her lyricism and musicality that is beyond her years. Her debut single, “Forever & Ever” charted in the top 100 on the Country charts and she was awarded “Most Promising Performer” in the BC Youth Talent Search competition.

Radio and TV veteran, Rudy Blair, calls her “a blend of Taylor Swift and Adele” and “one of the most phenomenal singing voices in Canada.” Vocally trained at the Juno-nominee Warren Dean Flandez’s Studio Cloud 30, she is quickly becoming a staple in the live performance community. Chyenne is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar and piano, and has worked with internationally acclaimed producers and songwriters in Nashville and Los Angeles, as well as her native Canada.

Pop singer, Emma Jaye (aka Emma Holzer) is thrilled to release her new single “Overtime” that is out now along with the lyric video that is featured on Hollywood Life.

Emma says, “’Overtime’ is pop but it has undertones of dance and a underground feel to it as well. I wanted to capture the feeling of running circles in your mind thinking of someone you’re falling into.”

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This is her second single that is out now along with the track “Dumb.”
The 23-year-old newcomer is committed to adding an underground edge to the mainstream, making music that sounds different and cool, provocative and new – and that’s exactly what she’s got in store this year, introducing herself through a set of alluring pop songs that will knock you down and pick you back up again.

An actress as well as a singer and songwriter, Jaye appeared in movies and on television, playing  roles in “Boardwalk Empire”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Spring Breakers”, and “Barely Lethal,” among others. While you may still see her onscreen from time to time, her heart is fully invested in her music:

2020 finds Jaye embarking on a bold new adventure, and she’s taking her listeners along for the ride. Combine that mission with her slew of exciting, edgy songs, and the sky’s the limit for Emma Jaye.“OverTime” is out now everywhere at:“Dumb” is out now everywhere at:

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